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    Does anyone have different ways they like to reflect on favorite outfits/pieces? I’m both trying to hone in on my style but also be mindful and appreciative of the things I have – for me, seeing them in photos really helps, and I added the extra “interactive” piece of journaling about them in my [pseudo bullet journal ]( I’m really enjoying it so far. Would love to see what others do if anyone would like to share ideas!



    I can hardly keep track of what I need to do for work and here y’all are making journals with printed out pictures of yall’s outfits. My son is almost seven and I don’t have any hard copies of any of his baby pictures.

    I bow down to your organizational skills. You rock.



    I take daily outfit photos and have them saved on a private Pinterest board organised into:

    -outfits I like

    -outfits I’m neutral about

    -ugh don’t wear this again



    I used to have an incredibly thorough, years-built Polyvore that disappeared when SSENSE bought them out and it totally fucked my planning up. The idea of starting again on Pinterest or whatever is exhausting.



    I use an app called Stylebook. It is a major hassle to input your entire wardrobe at the beginning, but then planning outfits becomes extremely easy and pretty fun. I can select from the looks I’ve created and categorized whenever I’m in a rut, and i can see all my stats (like what items I’m getting the most use out of, where my wardrobe gaps are, what needs replacing, and how much money I’ve invested in my wardrobe). I can easily record everything i wear in my calendar, wether it’s a new combo or a go-to outfit pairing

    Taking the initial photos and inputting stats is a pain, but i did it over a few evenings with a few glasses of wine and it became fun. It also helped me let go of some things that I’d been hanging onto when i realized that i didn’t even want to bother inputting their photos and data.

    Stylebook is not free, but it is only about $4 and it is absolutely worth it.



    I use Stylebook which helps me track how often I wear different pieces. I have an OOTD Instagram account which really helped me hone in on what I like and figure out my style.



    I have a collection of my favorites on Instagram saved.



    I track outfits in three ways; Stylebook, outfit photos (I post some on [@coffee_for_dinner]( and [Pinterest]( I use Pinterest to keep track of what kind of styles I’m into and see how my tastes change over the years. Occasionally I scroll down to the bottom of the board and delete a bunch of pins thinking “why did I save this in the first place?!”

    Your bullet journal is really nice! I do a similar thing on Stylebook where I sometimes add a real life photo of the outfit into the set.



    I had days where I would look at my closet and immediately decide I had absolutely nothing to wear. Then I’d have nights where I remember every piece of clothing I have ever owned EVER and thought about outfit after outfit, then forgotten it all by morning.

    To rectify both things, whenever I think of an outfit I make a note of it on my phone. They’re currently categorized by Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. I name everything as specific as I can so I can remember exactly what items I wanted to try together. And when I’m thinking “I have nothing to wear” I’ll look through the note and try something on.

    It keeps me from wearing the same jeans + random shirt combo I’ve been rocking forever. Not that I don’t wear that combo anymore, but I have so many cute clothes that I immediately forget about and all the outfit possibilities I can achieve with a piece I chuck in my closet only to be found when it doesn’t fit anymore.

    I also have an constantly rotating album on pinterest of outfits I have similar pieces to. Whenever I find myself with nothing to do I’ll comb through it and make a note of an outfit to put together from that inspo. This is a good way to see what things I would want to purchase in the future that I notice would go well with the rest of my wardrobe or add something to an otherwise basic outfit (like a turtleneck under a loose tshirt to make it a little edgier or a pair of sheer socks with heels to dress them down).



    How often do you update your journal? Daily or weekly? I really admire your work. Your journal is amazing and so are your outfits. I used Stylebook, but really more for a data purpose where I can see what I’m wearing the most rather than gathering my favorite outfit. I’m not quite there yet lol



    I use notes in an Evernote notebook to save outfit photos



    I used to save outfits I liked (mine and ones I spotted on the street) with Polyvore approximations. 🙁 I have an Android, so I can’t use Stylebook. 🙁 I’m using GlamOutfits and it’s okay I guess.

    For favorites, I maintain a list of spring/summer and fall/winter outfits I like in a separate tab on my wardrobe count spreadsheet.

    To find favorites, I take pictures and see if the outfit looks the way I think it does. I’m doing the October month-long WAYWT challenge, but it looks like that’s not a thing this year?



    I have a full length mirror that I take a picture of myself in an outfit in and record it in a special folder in my phone. I have a pear shaped body (or as my husband calls it, a dew drop shaped body) so outfits that actually work for me are cataloged into my phone so I can always look back on successful outfits.



    I sketch my favorite outfits and keep them in a sketchbook! Im a designer and that just feels the most natural for me. I also plan outfits in general that way so i can figure out what proportions i like and have a quicker to grasp image in front of me rather than keep tabs in my head!



    love your idea!

    I will periodically track my outfits in a spreadsheet. The act of tracking definitely changes my behavior (seeing what I’ve worn recently prompts me to wear more of my clothes than I probably would otherwise) but it’s good for identifying my workhorse pieces, silhouettes I tend to be drawn to, and which items I really never wear.

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