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    Beanies don’t sit on my head properly, they either slip up (and consequently slip off) or they crush the top of my hair down so all the hair poking out looks ridiculous and a bit like [Russell Brand]( which, erm, isn’t what I typically go for.

    What is your secret?! Do you buy big beanies from a magic shop? Knit them yourselves? Straighten your hair every time? Help!



    Buy mens beanies.

    Seriously, they’re bigger. I have curly hair and a massive head. Mens beanies are better for both of those things.



    maybe this is just a grass-is-greener thing, but i always feel like voluminous hair looks amazing in beanies (like [this]( and [this]( and [this](, whereas i with flat limp hair look like a pinhead…



    That Russell Brand photo is exactly how I look like in a beanie.

    I love beanies, they’re so comfy, but with my big curly hair I tend to forgo them for a beret instead. I’ll use a beanie if my hair is in braids or a low pony.

    If my hair isn’t super clean I find that putting my hair in a half-up do helps, but not always.






    I find that an unadorned beanie looks weird with the poof of hair sticking out the sides, but a beanie with a pompom looks just right. I generally believe that the bigger the pompop the better as it counterbalances my side poof.



    Earmuffs instead of a beanie. I wear the behind the head kind and just let my hair go everywhere.



    Bobby pins or hair clips! I have the opposite problem, super fine hair and a tiny head so hats just slide right off me (I actually buy children’s hats). But if I find an adult hat I love, I either sew or glue a hair clip inside and clip it to my hair so it stays put. I can imagine this would work for you too!



    I either need to straighten my hair (which I rarely do) or put it in two French braids.



    Not very stylishly, unfortunately. I usually resort to a low ponytail or loose braid.



    I have curly hair, and share this hatred of tiny hats. They make me look SO ridiculous! There are really only 2 options I know of:

    1. Tighter hats: wear hair up somehow. My hair is short-ish (most is shorter than chin length) so the options are top-knot, or doing some kind of bastardized french braid. Upsides: when you get into the furnace heat of the indoors, you can take it off and your hair still looks decent

    2. But really, looser hats are the answer. The options honestly are either to knit them yourself, or to be really picky about hat options (look at men’s! And non-knits, e.g., fabric fleece lined caps – they hold their shape better, so if you find large ones, they’re less likely to elicit the Russell Brand look). Most of mine I made myself, so I don’t have any good recs.

    From a utilitarian perspective, for keeping ears warm, I use a [fleece ear-band]( Somehow even if it’s pulled over my hair, it doesn’t mess up my hair-do. I don’t know how. In a pinch, I’ll wear an infinity scarf, coil most of it around my neck, and pull one of the loops over my head. This helps a little bit to keep ears warm, but messes with your hair more and isn’t the most effective.



    I knit them myself and they stay. Usually a store-bought hat measures 16-18″ around, but the average woman’s head is 20-21″ around. I’ve knit a lot of hats and generally, 18″ is the toddler size. Your head/hair aren’t big the hat is too small.



    I shaved my head so I don’t have this problem anymore, but I have had huge curly hair for almost my whole life, and found getting a beanie with a really chunky knit helped balance out the boof.



    I’ve been buying Carhartt beanies for years because they stretch out and keep my hair from looking like a triangle. They’re warm and maintain the beanie shape, but loosens at the bottom after a few wears and give you a tumblr-aesthetic beanie experience. Also, it looks like they’re actually in style now?

    I specifically buy the “acrylic watch hat.” I’ve gotten men’s and women’s versions and liked them equally! I’ve been buying them off Amazon for the last few years (I literally own a dozen) and have never had a bad experience.



    If you get loose knit beanies (like ones from spencer’s) or stretchy thin ones like (neff) that helps. Also having it at a diagonal angle on your head (front up hairline) then giving the top (or connecting point of the hat a slight tug down so it sags a bit usually works perfectly. Sorry for the complicated explanation!

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