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    I also posted in r/Epilepsy. I’m having an ambulatory EEG done. For those who don’t know what this test is, an EEG is a test that measures brain wave activity. They glue a bunch of wires to your head and the leads register brain electrical activity. An ambulatory EEG is an EEG that you wear out and about for a couple days. So, I’m wandering around my city with wires glued to my head and a white mesh sock type deal over the whole shebang.

    I can’t really miss work, but I would really rather not scare small children or knock a lead loose. Help



    See if work will allow you to wear a beanie hat while you’re hooked up and looking like an alien. Beanies and any type of button down shirt are my lifelines when I have my 72 hour EEGs. Good luck and condition first when trying to get the glue out!



    No personal experience, but I saw a woman doing this and she was wearing a kerchief on her head and it looked really cute! I was so taken by the kerchief it took me a minute to even notice the wires.



    I had one of these done! It was actually kind of fun. People kept coming up to us asking why I had wires on my head. My brother, who was with me, came up with the best response:

    “My sister is testing a new iPod. She can just think the song and it plays in her head.”

    This was >10 years ago. People believed him! His deadpan wit is something to envy.

    I don’t have fashion advice better than that from others here. Just wanted to share my ambulatory EEG experience. I didn’t attempt to hide the wires aside from a hat. There were just too many wires. I felt like covering them would be more cumbersome.




    Try a [headwrap]( with a pretty scarf. [Or this way]( with it wrapped like a bun.



    I had one of those. It was so uncomfortable and really awful not to be able to shower or get comfortable to sleep.

    Besides wearing a beanie, I don’t think there are many solutions for how weird it will look. The wires coming out of your scalp are hard to hide. Best I can suggest is to wear a hoodie with the hood up when you go out.



    No advice but good luck with your EEG!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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