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    I have genetically wide calves, which makes it especially difficult to find boots that zip up all the way, and even harder to find the right pair of skinny jeans. One of my main issues is finding outfits that don’t make me look too short and stocky. Would love some outfit ideas!

    Anyone else struggle with this, and if so do you have tips? Any stores that have clothes/boots with wide calf sizes?



    This is kind of unrelated to jeans and boots, but I’ve always felt that clothes that end at mid-calf look totally dumb on me because of having disproportionately large calves– midi skirts, capris, etc., even knee-high socks. I don’t think there’s really a solution other than to avoid these styles, but does anyone else relate?



    Good lord I feel all of the wide calf sorrow! I’ve also got cankles and thiiick thighs. I’m 140 lbs 5’5″ and all my weight is in my damn legs. I wear a size s/XS or a 4/6 in pants…

    17.5″ calf here at the widest point. I’ve got a few tips that I won’t bullet point because I don’t know how.

    Boots with elastic at the top are the way to get away from those wide calf boots that end up too big and just draw more attention to those huge calves.

    Boots and leggings or tights that are the same color are slimming on the whole leg.

    Shoes with a slight point at the toe elongate the legs.

    Choose a sturdy heel. Dainty heels, kittens, stilettos… They all accentuate how not dainty your legs are.

    Accept that you’ll never find a ballet flat that doesn’t make you look like a squash.

    Boot cut over skinny for more leg flattery.

    Dark washes with strategic light spots can create the illusion of thinner legs. Think highlight and contour and you’ve got the gist.

    End your skirts just at the bottom part of the knee cap.



    I have a combination of wider than normal calves and skinnier than normal ankles, which makes finding an ideal pair of skinny jeans that stop at the ankle and are actually tight around the ankle a nightmare. The ankle of skinny pants just seem to flair out a bit, and I don’t like the way it looks.

    I used to have good luck getting pants from a store near me called CottonOn, the ankle on their skinny pants is super slim. That was like 2 years though, I haven’t had as much luck recently. Their pants would sometimes go on sale for around 25 dollars.

    I’m currently in to Hollister’s jeans (they’re on sale rn, I just bought 2 pairs). Their jeggings look convincingly enough like jeans, and they’re pretty comfortable. I usually cuff them once or twice just because I still experience some unwanted “flaring”, but I’m currently in to the luck of cuffing pants to a cropped length (a trend that hopefully sticks around). Plus, they sell pants in different lengths online, which is nice.

    Other than that, I just roll up all my skinny pants.



    Check out Torrid/Additionelle for wide calf boots! They aren’t well known for their shoes so they tend to go on great sale now and then.



    The boot company Duo makes custom-width boots with a straight, normal, or fitted ankle! I bought a pair of knee boots in 2009 and they only recently started dying*…I am so sad, but bought a few options in brown to try to find a replacement.

    In related news, are knee boots really dated? They are so easy and warm.

    *I replaced the heels about once a year and the zippers last year (damnit).



    Anyone have any suggestions for boots for athletic calves but aren’t wide calf? Wide calf boots are too wide, usually leaving a gap but regular boots are too tight. Lol life sucks. For jeans, Paige jeans seem to fit athletic legs alright.



    I know this is might answer your other half of the wide calf issue, DSW carries boots for wild calf. They have even category under their boots especially for wide calf.
    While I am not familiar with wide calf for clothes in general but I can say you can splurge on new jeans this season since I have seen some boot jeans trend in express.



    I have this same problem, it is almost impossible to find skinny jeans that go around my calves but aren’t like clown pants around my thighs.



    A person that does the same sport I do, which builds disproportionately large calve, always says that we have cows, not calves. It never fails to crack me up.

    My only useful advice is that bulky shoes seem to make my ‘cows’ seem in proportion. Ballet flats make my calves look silly.



    I gave up on skinny jeans because they tug and hurt sometimes, and can feel like a blood pressure cuff. I live in jeggings now because they have a really good stretch and work with the contours of the leg (edit – I get mine from Marks and Spencer, but I’m sure a number of good quality brands will have them now). I find that wearing heels shapes the calf in a more flattering way for me, and wearing black shoes with black jeans helps to elongate the leg with continuity. I really like Dr Martens Averil boots, and flat boots like Clark’s Orinoco Spice because they add a bit of chunk to the foot that minimises the disproportion between the wide calf and slim ankle. In the winter these shoes are weather hardy.

    My boot shopping experience has been about luck – I found a pair from Mr Shoes that fit well, and one from House of Fraser but the styles are discontinued – if you’re like me you’ll get disappointed and sad when they don’t fit, and to combat this I simply try on whatever looks good and refuse to analyse if they don’t zip up past the calf. Try try and try again.

    With outfits, try drawing the eye to your face with colour or a statement necklace to help with elongating. Keeping things below the waist neutral can help with that, but don’t limit yourself because of them! One of my favourite skirts is a midi, even though I know it doesn’t hit the best spot.



    Two things: when I had wider calves, Frye was a lifesaver. Many of their popular boots come in wide calf, and I still have my Melissas even though they’re a little loose.

    The other thing is if boots are just a tiny bit tight, you can have boots stretched! I found an amazing pair of Valentino boots for a song and had them stretched because they were about a half inch too small. Now they’re perfect.



    My mom always referred to our family’s calves as “war clubs.”

    I bought a pair of Lifestride knee high boots at Kohls last year that fit great and are very comfortable. I can even tuck pants or thick socks in them and still zip them!

    Years ago I bought a pair of Steve Madden knee high socks at TJMaxx. They fit PERFECTLY. They didn’t roll down after 15 minutes or cut off circulation. And those socks lasted like 10 years. The ones I’ve seen online now have kinda iffy reviews so I haven’t bought more. Has anyone found good knee high socks?



    I’ve been wearing skinny jeans/jeggings from Torrid lately. I NEVER wore them before my friend made me try them on because not only do I have wide calves I have wide feet and high arches that often make it impossible to take them off afterwards.

    I’ve got a pair of calf high boots that I bought at Long Tall Sally a few years back, but they are a size too big so I find they droop slightly around the ankle. Not enough to look bad thank goodness.

    My genetics are fun with this, my calves are not fat they are almost all muscle and just huge.



    I started to buy capris. They tuck in just right to my boots and I can add a cute sock without adding extra layers.

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