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    I haven’t bought proper underwear (besides a cotton 6-pk of Hanes) in a long time. I need to restock, and I love the idea of comfortable, durable underwear— something that will last a long time and not look too frumpy, but be comfortable enough for daily wear.

    In theory, I love durable synthetics that fit well, travel well, and last a long time— like Ex Officio or Patagonia. However, I’m hesitant to buy pairs that are $10-30 per pair.

    I’m wondering if there’s anything closer to the $5/ pair range that will similarly last a long time and not show wear.

    The closest I’ve gotten, personally, is when I bought some underwear from JC Penney’s about 7-8 years ago. I have a few pairs of nylon/ spandex blend that still look barely worn and I’ve had them in my rotation for years. They were around $4 each! I recently tried ordering an assortment from JCP.com and unfortunately everything I got sucked.

    On a similar note, anyone find any multi-pack underwear they like that holds up well?



    I like a nice simple cotton bikini cut, which I’m finding increasingly hard to find. It sounds weird, but Amazon Essentials has a [multipack](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XKSR4R2) that I really like for regular everyday wear.



    La Senza and Aerie sales (cotton ones) are close to $4-5 a pair. I still wear some pairs I bought from 2013.
    That being said I feel like they used to make better stuff in 2013 than the stuff that are being sold right now.



    GAP breathe undies are super soft and great for everyday. Pricey on their own so wait for for ‘buy 5’ deal. CPW makes it worth it they last a long time!

    Invest in the $12-$14 pairs they are so much better than trying to save money on cheap crap that won’t last.

    Also just tried KNIX undies for the 1st time and I’m in love. Looks like they will last.



    I recently discovered Uniqlo’s cotton undies – the ones with the lace detail on the edge. They don’t cut into the crease where your pelvis meets your leg and they lie flat under most clothes, even some clingy ones. I wear the lower slung ones and they are great and have held up well so far.



    I bought Aerie ones on sale 2 years ago. They were soft but had very thin material, it wore out from a couple washes. I now have 2 different multipacks from Costco in rotation. I don’t like the synthetic too spandexy ones so I got the cotton ones with some stretch. I can’t remember the name but there were 2 brands at Costco. These are soft, comfy and long lasting and super cheap, better than some Hanes ones I had.



    Came here to say pact organic again!



    The best panties I’ve owned are Urban Outfitters cotton hipsters and Aerie cotton boybriefs. Unfortunately I’ve not seen the type I like in Urban Outfitters in quite a while. I bought those in like 2013-2015 and they are pretty worn out. I should probably toss them, tbh. The Aerie pairs I have I got in 2016 and are starting to show wear, but probably have a couple years of life left. I’d like to find something better then those! If I can’t find anything better I’ll probably buy more Aerie when my current ones wear out. (mostly I have VS right now which are less nice then Aerie).



    I love, love love, my [Natori](https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/search?query=Natori+panties) panties.

    They’re lovely, comfortable, and hold up beautifully.



    Soma frequently has 6 for $36 sales. I just threw out some underwear that I bought from them about 5 years ago.



    Ex Officio lasts forever, though. I have pairs that are ten years old or more and look brand new.

    Sierra Trading Post often has Ex Officio on sale, so if they have styles you like, you might be able to get them for much closer to $5 a pair.

    The Gilligan and O’Malley underpants from Target pretty solid quality in my experience.

    Pact underpants wash and dry well, but I haven’t owned a pair for more than six months yet, so can’t speak to the long term.



    I guess I don’t really see the appeal of durable underwear for $5. I buy the aerie or VS deal, which is like 5-7 pairs for $35ish, and I wear them for a year or so (the lacy ones aren’t as sturdy as the plain ones), then I toss them and get another batch. $35 a year is not a big expense and, when it comes to underwear I wear regularly, I’d rather switch them out frequently for hygiene reasons as well.



    My hands down favorites are French Dressing bikinis–[these are as low as 3 for $12.50](https://frenchdressing.com/collections/panties/products/cotton-stretch-bikinis)! The elastic is really flat and stretchy so it doesn’t dig in, and it’s been a few years without it decaying, although one pair out of the many I own has had a side seam come undone between the elastics, that’s the extent of these going bad for me.

    I also, out of boredom, just bought a few pairs of Pact undies (cotton briefs, and lace waist briefs which are quite pretty) but haven’t had them long enough to comment on durability… the lace doesn’t seem as “springy” as the regular elastic so might get saggy faster, not sure. But I got those through a 3 for $15 promo (and was able to reorder using that promo just by googling for it to click through) so they are in your target price range if you use that promo.



    Brands like Vanity Fair, Maidenform, Olga. I rarely buy them full price from department stores, you can get packs of them for a lot less at TJ Maxx or wait for sales at Kohl’s.



    All my underwear is from Aerie! They often have sales, but typically you can buy 7 pairs for $29, so just over $4 per pair. It’s a bummer you had bad luck with their lace ones, I actually have a few lace ones and they’ve been alright for me. I generally get the seamless boybriefs and the cotton pairs. In terms of durability, I have some from three years ago now that are still holding up as well as pairs I bought a few months ago! They are seriously some of the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever owned.

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