Levi CEO Chip Bergh wants you to give your employees time to vote

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    Levi CEO Chip Bergh wants you to give your employees time to vote



    Legally an employer must allow its employees time off to vote free of consequences.



    Levi CEO Chip Bergh wants your business.



    They make reasonably priced jeans that fit me and look good on me so I will keep buying them regardless of their CEO’s political stance. How he feels about guns doesn’t matter in the least to me. He makes jeans. I only care really how he feels about jeans. Unless he decides to ban gun owners from wearing his jeans, I don’t particularly care, and even then I might not because I don’t own any guns.

    I do hate it, though, when I read “Go Vote! In a Nonpartisan Way!” in the first paragraph of a news article, then the rest of it is dedicated to a very partisan issue. It makes me think… do they REALLY want people to go out to vote, or do they only want people who agree with THEM to go out and vote? Or, do they think that the 40% of the electorate that has chosen not to vote will be on their side?



    This isnt fashion advice…



    Wow, real nice of him please buy more Levis in solidarity



    why isnt the day a national holiday already?



    I give my staff off that afternoon to go vote, volunteer, and otherwise be a good human.



    I’ve never understood this but here in Canada voting stations are usually open late (like 9pm). They also have advance stations in other locations. How come people are still unable to vote due to work?



    Can we PLEASE not politicize this sub. I’m becoming exhausted by how everything I enjoy and use to escape the drudgery of everyday life (e.g., movies, tv, stand-up comedy, reddit) is becoming more and more politicized. Can we try to avoid that here…

    Good for the CEO of Levi’s. I’m sure he’s only motivated by his heartfelt belief in democracy… yawn.



    Also wants to push gun control. I’ll buy my jeans elsewhere..



    I wonder how many Jeans he own 🤔



    Just mail in your fucking ballots geez



    I’m glad to see he cares so much about Bangladeshi citizen rights.



    Just do it (my jeans look great with your Nikes haha).

    In all honesty though, I hope this movement spreads. Though I was always under the impression that it was law that your employer had to give you time to cast you ballot on Election Day, that does not accrue against PTO? Can anyone clear up what I’m missing?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)

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