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    My mom is a vintage fashion illustration fan and browsing her Pinterest I found a super cute mid-50s illustration of a Halloween party. Inspiration hit. I love 50s beatnik style, why not take a notch darker, Wednesday Adams all grown up at her first late night poetry slam in the West Village, circa 1958? Boom done!

    Beatnik style is very distinct: a beret or fisherman’s cap, slim cigarette pants, preferably high waisted, in black, slim low slung shoes or loafers with white socks, and a black turtleneck. Sunglasses optional. Red lips and cigarette and coffee optional too!

    I’ve gathered some looks that interpret this style in fresh new ways, all with a slightly darker “Halloween” edge, plus some super fun vintage fashion and advertising illustrations:

    [Beatnik Halloween](

    [Beatnik Halloween Imgur album]( make sure to “open in app” if viewing with your mobile!

    Pinterest album will be “live” and get added to on occasion for about 6 months or so before going archived, imgur is forever.



    How dare you make me buy a beret



    Anyone who’s into this aesthetic should watch the movie “Bell, Book, and Candle”. Kim Novak is a witch in 1950s Greenwich Village who falls in love with normal guy Jimmy Stewart. The witchy underworld is depicted as kind of beatnik-adjacent – their main hangout is a smoky underground jazz club. [Here’s]( the scene where Jimmy brings his awful normie girlfriend to the club and Kim uses subtle magic to freak her out.



    I know this is a Halloween album but I’m so into this style haha. Ok maybe leave out the vampire fangs and zombie makeup.

    My original inspo board used to be called beatnik but over the years it has diluted into a mix of things. Still love 50s beatnik style though. It’s easy to make fun of (“don’t you need a baguette to complete your look?”) but if you tone it down and add some current style to it, it can be a good look without being too cheesy.



    This is my style on a regular basis. Except with a 90s flair.

    I guess now I can describe myself as a “90s beatnik wannabe.” hehe



    I’ve always secretly loved this style. Nice album!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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