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    When I mean quality, I mean for a chic/clean expensive look, and has things good for work/the office. (Ie. Forever 21 – some articles like a few pants might make the cut, but a lot of their tops and blouses are *soo* flimsy or even see through).


    When I mean affordable, I mean student/young professional.

    1. Mango (one of the best bang for your buck brand i feel)
    2. Aritzia (higher price range side – so I only buy stuff on sale)
    3. Banana Republic (not always the most fashion forward but totally work staples)
    4. Vero Moda (slightly lower quality side from the list)
    5. Uniqlo *newly added

    Special mentions:zara – quality is very meh/hit or missoak + fort – higher $ range and not the most trendy styles – good if you like the minimalist look

    What else am I missing?

    PS. frank oak – i do NOT support this brand anymore because they do not pay their interns. they advertise jobs in areas where unpaid internships are actually ILLEGAL. (No, in my province there’s no places to report unpaid intern ads)



    1. Kit + Ace – Vancouver-based, founded by former Lululemon designers. They make office stuff that’s flexible and good for commuting. Have not yet personally bought anything since I can’t try anything on in Montreal but I’ll be checking out their stores when I go home to Van at Christmas and hopefully snag some things on sale for boxing day.

    2. Tristan also has kind of standard office basics somewhat like BR, but generally good quality, and Canadian. Their website doesn’t have everything they sell, so you would have to go to a store.

    3. Club Monaco, originally Canadian, owned by RL for a while now – imo pretty expensive at full price but they do pretty good sales throughout the year.

    4. EDIT: Uniqlo also, although if you don’t have a store near you you’re stuck shopping on the app for some unknown ridiculous reason. Why, Uniqlo? Why can’t you sell things on a website like in every other country?!

    Sidenote, I feel that Oak + Fort’s materials are cheap compared to the price. For example expensive sweaters that are mostly just acrylic.



    Zara has really good fake leather jackets. Free shipping, return process is hassle free.

    Uniqlo. Great minimalistic style for office wear and casual.

    Simons have some good, affordable stuff and offers free delivery quite often.

    Topshop (The Bay). There are many quirky pieces but also more traditional pants and blazers and cami that I think would work for the office if you want to be a little out of the box.



    H&M isn’t too bad either. Again it’s a hit or miss kinda thing



    I got my first biz caz pieces from le chateau. I don’t like their style now, but they are still affordable and office appropriate.

    Kenneth Cole is office appropriate but goes from a bit pricey for an item (like frank + oak prices) to 300 per sweater.

    The gap does pretty OK pants. They extend into petite sizes which is a blessing.



    I tend to go for Simons for young professional in the Icône line. When stuff is on sale, they’re pretty good. I’ve found some basic black crepe tapered pants for cheap on sale around $30 and they’ve lasted me a few years already and still going strong. It’s not made from Simons, but ONLY clothing. So you’d have to dig around in the store or online for random brands. Free shipping often and free returns.

    Mango is my second go-to, love their price ranges for the clothing, I loved everything I bought so far.

    Also I’m surprised to hear about that about Frank and Oak!



    Just a note about the intern thing, I know that some programs in universities (in Canada) require that internships are unpaid and it won’t count towards the student’s credit if they get paid. They do this because they want the students to take the internship that will give them the best experience, not the one the pays the highest. Typically these internships are not full time so that the student can have a paying job as well. When I did my internship I was only in two days a week and they were extremely flexible for me, so I was able to still work 3-4 days a week at my other job.

    You, and others, might have a different experience but I just wanted to throw that out there because a lot of people aren’t aware of this.



    I’m not working now but when I was in Pharmaceuticals, I got most of my business cass workwear from

    1. Uniqlo. Really good basics, I have some no wrinkle blouses which are perfect. Not see through and decent prices. Also pants and cardigans

    2. H&M kinda, I have a nice blazer from here and some pants.

    3. A ton of Le Château items. I go to them for pants (especially nice thick wool in the wintertime) and work appropriate dresses, also pencil skirts.

    4. Ricki’s. Not the trendiest but good sales and great for some basics like blouses, dresses and pencil skirts.

    5. Old Navy for cardigans and pixie pants.

    6. Suzy Shier for decent pants and blouses.

    I’ve never shopped at places like Zara, Aritzia, Banana Republic, Mango, mostly because I’m plus size and also I can’t afford their prices.



    I am all about the bay’s clearance stuff. Like when they do major markdowns end of season, or Boxing Day/end of the year. And their shipping is quick and often free.



    Joe Fresh has some decent affordable stuff, although I feel their quality has gotten more hit and miss lately. I find they don’t stock a lot of size XS and S in stores, or they always sell out or something, so it can be hard for me to find my size.



    I got a ton of work stuff at Urban Outfitters. They have lots of cardigans, office appropriate pants and tops.



    Dynamite! Some of their stuff fits a little weird, but their fake leather moto jackets are awesome and come in different colors throughout the year.

    They get a fair bit of fashion forward stuff, and some office stuff, but I only buy officewear at Aritzia.

    It’s also one of the only decent affordable Canadian stores for petites. Good sales too.

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