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    With colder temperatures rapidly approaching, or in some of our cases already here, I wanted to revisit the topic of dark americana. After trying to nail down my personal style for quite some time, I saw a couple of the old inspo albums posted on the topic and realized it fits my personality and style goals perfectly, maybe mixed with a little bit of folk style. I just had a few questions for people much more fashion-knowledgeable than I.

    Most importantly, footwear. To me, this piece is crucial and too expensive for me to mess up. I love the Iron Rangers in amber harness, however wouldn’t a different color be more suitable for this style, considering the shift towards more grayscale/neutral colors? I was thinking maybe the Iron Ranger in charcoal rough and tough, something in a dark olive, or maybe even amber harness with a coat of mink oil/sno seal? I’m also not necessarily dead-set on Iron Rangers, I’m open to any good boot recommendations here.

    Second, do sneakers work with this style at all? I figure if they do, the best option would be something like good ol’ black chucks.

    Next, the warmer months. How in the hell do I pull this style off in the Virginia summer without sweating my ass off every day? I’m pretty clueless in this area.

    I will update further as questions pop into my head, and I also want to open up the floor to anyone else who is curious about the style, but didn’t feel that their questions deserved their own thread. Thanks a bunch, MFA!



    your thoughts on the boots are pretty spot on, it seems to be a style where you can take any boot that fits the americana style and just get it in black/dark grey. I think you do have room to play in that department with an edgier boot style, a combat boot could work well.

    Instead of sneakers you could try a low cut shoe in a boot style/derby like paraboots, doc 1460 or the like?

    As far as weather goes it tough. Personally my style completely shifts in the warm weather from dark colors and form fitting to loose/relaxed cuts and lighter colors. depends entirely on how you handle hot weather.



    Check out the red wings in the klondike leather, it’s black with brown underneath and as it wears it will show through more and more.

    As far as summer, I think a lot of people who dress in americana switch to a more american trad kind of look. Blucher mocs and other chunky style footwear would be used. Can’t really help too much on summer aspect.



    For colours, I recommend burgundy/oxblood/color 8/wine/whateverthefuck the marketing team wants to call “dark red”; kinda like [this](https://www.redwingheritage.com/eu/EUR/product/mens-footwear/6-inch-boots/iron-ranger-oxblood-mesa-08119) (though I’d personally prefer something a bit darker and more saturated). It pops really well against black, dark grey, navy and OD green (which is pretty much the palette you’re going for) but it’s not bright enough to ruin your whole sad lumberjack thing.

    Black suede is also pretty cool, like [these docs](https://www.drmartens.com/uk/en_gb/p/24201001). More texture and character than black leather, just a bit more interesting imo. On the other hand, regular black leather boots/shoes work in pretty much any in a dark casual outfit.

    And no, you can’t really go wrong with canvas sneakers like Chucks or Vans. It pushes your aesthetic more to a grungey/skater look, but that meshes really well with Americana anyway.



    Just here to say that r/goodyearwelt advises against using mink oil on your boots.



    You’ve got some great responses so I’ll just chime in to add that dark olive is not a great boot color for this look. Olive clothing goes quite well with dark americana, but paired with olive boots it’s just too much. Black or brown will be more versatile. Second tier would be gray or oxblood. Brown will likely be the choice with the most color depth and versatility, but less of a distinct fashion statement than the others.

    And I’ll second the others who say that you can’t do as much with this look in the summer. Chucks, vans, camp mocs, maybe some low docs or similar. T-shirts, jeans if you can deal with the heat, otherwise whatever legwear is tolerable.

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