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    I definitely think I have a style but I want outfit inspiration so I can try stuff beyond my comfort zone. I usually go on Pinterest but struggle to find what suits me :/ every once in a while I’ll find something that’s along what I like (ex: https://pin.it/j5yy75fmwyknaw another ex: https://pin.it/envzcq2hgvqlqr) which is more sophisticated and I guess “traditional” I don’t know how to describe it. Any suggestions? Any fashion bloggers to follow?



    Don’t think your links work.



    Reddit “doesn’t like” pin.it links, so you might want to format using markdown in the comments 🙂

    Can you describe your style, links aren’t working for me either and the full URL has a rather sketchy looking “invite code” in it!



    Links don’t work, but based on your other comments maybe check out this board and pins like it – https://pin.it/pmdmdhbjkr2iud



    I also like this: https://pin.it/5jida3ghdxy7it so maybe I have “Grandma taste” lmao



    I can’t see your links for some reason but I would suggest Instagram! Look under the “style” section in the explore page and find some people that suit your style and follow them



    None of your links are working for some reason, but if you like traditional or “grandma style” check out menocore, it’s pretty trendy right now to dress like a wealthy old yoga lady. (Not even kidding, it’s a thing I swear!)



    Try reading fashion magazines if you can. Vogue Paris and Australian Vogue sometimes do really cool editorials with fresh looks at traditional fashion.



    I know it’s a obvious one, but try Instagram. I always somehow manage to find some inspiration in the search and discovery tab and stumble across some bloggers whose style I end up falling in love with.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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