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    Hey everybody,


    have been thinking about the matching of the watch strap/watch color with my outfit colors. I know that matching leathers is standard and that metals are – while less frequently than leathers – often matched. At the same time, I think the consensus is that matching watch straps is not really that important and that the opinion is rising that matching *everything* can even be too much and thus detrimental. So, what are your opinions?


    For something more concrete: I mostly wear monochrome colors, a lot of black, some whites, few greys, and most metals (e.g. belts) are silver. Now the standard advice would be a silver watch with a silver metal or black leather strap. Do you think the following watches are a no go, as good as the standard or even better?


    1) brown leather strap + silver case

    2) black leather strap + muted gold case (rose gold for example)

    3) brown leather strap + muted gold case

    4) black leather strap + gold case

    5) brown leather strap + gold case

    6) fully (muted) gold watch


    I think 2) is fine as rose gold is quite muted and almost in the middle of gold and silver. 1) and 3) can look fine as the watch strap is not as prominent and the color mismatch can prevent looking too “try hard”. Matching a leather bag, sure, watch strap, maybe too much. I’m on the fence for 4) and 5) as the watch case does not have a big surface when paired with leather straps. Might look fine. 6) is too much in my book.


    TL;DR: all black/monochrome outfits with silver metals combined with the watches 1)-6) above. No go, fine or go?



    I’d start by saying [spring bar tools]( are cheap, and putting a different band or bracelet on a watch can really change its look. If you find a watch that you want to wear with different outfits, just pick up an additional band or bracelet.

    All my watches are stainless steel or titanium, but I don’t have a problem wearing them with a blazer with brass buttons, as an example. If I’m wearing a leather strap on my watch, I do avoid mixing black and brown. Black is black, and the point is it’s nice and uniform. For brown leathers, I’m not concerned about the shade and some varience there can keep things from getting overly matchy. Can also vary things up with different types of leather, and as watch straps don’t require much leather to make, that’s a comparatively inexpensive place to add cordovan, stingray, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, tejus lizard, etc. if you want to have some fun with it. As an interesting example, here’s what a [$75 watch on a $300 strap]( looks like.

    That [black-dialed watch on a brown leather strap look]( sort-of intentionally clashes so you can wear it with whatever.



    I think matching the leathers/metals is a good thing unless you’re talking about crazy orange leather belts and shoes and straps etc. however… if you wanted a pop of color, a unique leather watch strap could be nice!



    Like you already said, get a watch with a silver case and metal strap with a black or white dial so that it can be your one watch that goes with everything. Don’t get something too bulky. Omega speedmaster is a well loved example. #1 would be your ideal every watch.

    How old are you? I’d avoid gold. It feels like something my grandfather would wear. Rose gold is much better but it isn’t as versatile.

    Or just wear whatever you want. I love my watches and I just wear them however I like without worrying too much about matching metals and leathers.



    Think more in terms of contrasting and complementary colors. Brown generally goes well together with blue colors while gold and rose gold is fine with white, black, red and green. Silver works for pretty much everything but is a bit too close to white and gray.



    Honestly I have a vintage Gucci 300m that has a black leather band that I wear with brown boots and brown belt. No one noticed/cared.



    Not a fan of 2, 4, or 5. Black w/ gold — however muted — usually doesn’t look great to me. And non-muted gold (that is, yellow gold) is something I avoid *at all costs*.



    As a longtime member of r/watches I would argue in favour of not worrying about this, as you seem to be thinking. It’s actually a long-running joke on r/watches that a gentleman should ‘always match his leathers’ ie match his watch and/or watch strap with his belt and/or shoes. It’s a saying that is now used in jest to poke fun at ourselves, because it’s a perfect example of overthinking things.

    I have three nice watches in my rotation, all with stainless steel cases – one polished, one brushed, and one that is polished and brushed. I swap bands occasionally on all of them to freshen things up and change the look, but I don’t swap bands super regularly or daily. Typically, once I’ve dressed in the morning, I decide which of the three watches, with it’s current strap, will work best with the outfit. Often, I actually choose the one that *clashes* the most, because it adds something ‘different’ to the outfit as a whole. *Everything* doesn’t need to match, as you are surmising. Find case and strap combinations that you like, but once you’ve done that just wear what feels right each day and don’t worry too much about coordinating every little detail.



    Just wait ’til your dominatrix shows up with a brown corset and black thigh-high boot combo. Talk about creating a distraction during a meeting.

    To avoid such problems, I usually start out with the watch I’ll be wearing, and that defines the rest of my outfit. I have pulled together an album to help demonstrate:

    If it’s a metal bracelet then anything goes. Leather means I try and match the colors broadly. If it’s NATO then the color scheme of my outfits is important.

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