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    MFA Wearing Shorts (Album + Discussion)



    More like calves inspo



    Aside from a few of these, I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were taken in 2013 or 2018.

    Is this look just *t i m e l e s s* or does mainstream mens fashion just move slowly?

    Only been in this game for about four years, so I’m asking seriously.



    New to mfa, but I’m interested in shorts. How many leg holes should I have in my shorts? What do you guys think about those oversized shorts that go down to your ankles? Are they in style?



    No Rick pods 0/10

    Really though it’s worth noting that if it’s hot enough for shorts, there’s not a ton you can do for the rest of the outfit. Thats why it’s worth having some nice sneakers or shoes and some well-fitting tops. A plain tee is a perfectly valid choice but a summer shorts outfit is the perfect opportunity to branch out and try a loud print or patterned button front shirt (long or short sleeve).



    Really goes to show why I hate summer fashion. You’re just so incredibly limited by the weather. A lot of these follow an identical approach and it doesn’t leave much room for creativity or trying new things. Granted, it’s not a bad approach, just a boring one.



    Don’t wear cargo shorts

    Have toned, somewhat thick calve muscles

    Don’t have flat feet

    Don’t sweat profusely in the sun even if you’re doing hardly any physical activity



    *dae not able to wear layers in summer*

    Following up last weeks [MFA Wearing Bomber Jackets](, [MFA Wearing Denim Jackets](, [MFA Wearing Leather Jackets]( and [A Visual History of MFA’s Favorite Jackets](

    **What is this album?**

    This album was created from the Top of albums from each month from 2018 going back to ~2013. To clarify after last week’s album this album was **not intended intended or curated to show a diverse range of outfits with shorts**. Just simply the popular ways in which shorts are worn here on MFA.

    **How does MFA wear their shorts?**

    Most of MFA wears their shorts (khaki, olive, or navy) with an inseam they feel comfortable about (typically hitting anywhere between the knee to 2 inches above) with either a t-shirt or casual button down with sneakers, boat shoes, or sandals.

    **After a while these all start to look the same**

    That is a completely fair point. As I said a lot of this is iterations of similar things. This album is derived from the Top of albums so this is more indicative of what MFA was wearing and what was liked.

    **”My favorite shorts inspo did not make it into the album”**

    Please feel free on posting it below, not everything made it into the album or I just missed it. Show people what you like and how you like it.

    **That jacket or those shoes on the dude in picture X are dope, what are they?**

    To quickly find out what an item of clothing is, try using Google image search. It will usually take you to the original listing and most posters will list the items worn and/or you can PM wearer and ask them to tell you what they are wearing.

    **What are MFA’s most common shorts?**

    Outlier are probably one of the most common.

    **I’m really interested in buying my shorts, what should I get?**

    MFA has [Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Chino Shorts]( for buying recommendations from the community.

    **I think I saw some jean shorts in this album**

    Jorts are cool, [jorts are life](

    **What else is out there?**

    [Gurkha shorts in Items to Consider SS16](

    [Shorts Inspiration Mega-album for Spring/Summer](

    [A Better Shorts Guide](

    [Shorts should be shorts. Making the case for 5-7″ inseams.](

    [Mr Porter: The Grown Mans Guide to Wearing Shorts](

    **Closing Notes**

    If anyone would like me to remove them from the album just shoot me a message and I would be happy to do so.

    If anyone has comments, criticisms, or ideas about how I should do the next ones feel free to let me know.

    Edit: a word

    Edit 2: linked to Gurkha shorts in Items to Consider SS16

    Edit 3: Added in the Shorts Mega Album post



    I can’t seem to buy shorts with narrow legs. Every shorts I have seem to have extremely wide legs.



    where are the short suits



    The secret is wearing a long sleeve shirt apparently.



    I guess they just had to uh, do it to em



    [This]( is an old fit of mine but was received pretty well when I posted it. It is also how I got my flair, IIRC.

    When it comes to shorts, I think 5-7″ is the sweet spot, regardless of having big legs or not. I say that because, for me anyway, anything past the knee just looks sloppy. I imagine it can mess with proportions as well.

    (edit: I’m 5’10)



    Nice legs /u/NomCarver 😏



    Not a single fit with denim jacket?

    [Cmon bruh](



    Not enough tan shorts with blue chambray.



    So is unbuttoning the first three buttons the way to go now? Most of the fits in this have those three unbuttoned, but I usually only do 2.



    Okay there are some very attractive mofos up in here



    As someone living on a tropical island, this is important 😂



    pretty new to this sub so might be a dumb question, but what are those shirts in pics 2,3,4 (to name a few) called?



    No cargo shorts?



    6th from last – where is the ‘N’ hat from? Nice color combo.



    Anybody know what the shoes are from the 10th pic?



    Anyone know what kind of sandles those are in #36 and good places to find em?



    Someone can ID the 3/4th shirt and the 8th pants or tell me how to reverse search for the original post?


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