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    I recently killed my feet walking and standing in heels all day, and I am wondering what you recommend for comfortable options that still look good. They have to work with sheath dresses in a professional environment, look polished, etc. Any heels that don’t look like they’d be comfortable, but surprised you with how how well they wore?



    Stuart Weitzman heels are surprisingly comfortable. I regularly wear Leigh 95 mms on 15,000 step days and feel fine afterwards. In comparison, I had to soak my feet in ice water after wearing my 100 mm Christian Louboutin heels (which were ~$300 more) all day.



    Australians should check out [Bared]( who basically make shoes for problem feet. They have a decent range of styles and are ethically made.



    At a ~$70-$275 price point, any brand that has Camuto Group as their manufacturer is an excellent choice. This would include their namesake, Vince Camuto, as well as a surprisingly large array of other brands, including Ann Taylor, BCBG, Tory Burch, J Crew, Madewell, Rebecca Minkoff, Jessica Simpson, Lucky Brand, Mercedes Castillo — a seemingly endless list available here:

    If price is not a concern, my absolute favorite are the 90mm Manolo BB heels (retail $695), but ultimately, at the end of the day, as nice as they are, they do not represent a commensurate improvement over the less expensive shoes.

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    Corso Como and Kate Spade



    Gianni binni. I think they’re only sold at Dillard’s but they run true to size if you order them. They have a crazy comfy super padded insole where the ball of your foot is on their heels. Also Sam Edelman has some heels in the 3” range that are pretty comfortable. They high enough to look good but low enough to not hurt.



    I have a pair of Clark’s that are very comfy! I would also check out Dansko. Some of their shoes are more clog like; that being said I’ve stood all day in them no problem.



    I once had a wonderful pair of block type heels from Clarks. They were black in a Mary Jane style and I loved them. However, my feet tend to wreck whatever shoes I buy so eventually I wore them out. But they were beautiful and pretty comfortable. Not sure if that’s the look you’re going for though



    I have [these]( Cole Haan black pumps for work. I find them really comfortable!



    Jessica Simpson heels are super comfortable for me.



    Naturlizer although you have to really look for non-frumpy styles.



    Stuart Weitzman


    LK Bennett

    Cole Haan


    Jimmy Choo

    All among the high heels I can comfortably wear to work



    Clarks, or Abeo. Limited selection, but there are some classic pumps with really good support. If you want more than a black classic heel, prob not the right solution.

    I need the support and wear orthotics in my flat shoes, so these are my only heel brands that have enough support.



    Clark’s Eva Grace pumps (you can find them on Amazon) are my favorite heels ever. I have two pairs and wear them constantly because they go with everything and are insanely comfortable. I only wish they came in additional colors.



    I have a pair of oxblood Halston Mary Janes that I got on clearance at Lord and Taylor. They have a 4” heel and I can wear them all day without even a little discomfort. When I have to dress up but be on my feet. They’re my go to.



    I’ve found mules to be extremely comfortable (and trendy now)



    Character shoes! They’re usually only 2 inches or lower, but they’re VERY comfortable. I bought mine for a show and had no problem jumping and doing high kicks in them, and they look really polished if you just get the plain black kind! Make sure you break them in properly or else they’ll be kind of uncomfortable for a while.



    Jimmy Choo is my go to for basic, super comfortable heels. They’re expensive, but you can find them on sale and they last a long time. I have weird feet, they’re slightly wide with a freakishly high arch and a narrow heel. Jimmy Choo is the only brand that makes heels I can wear all day without issue. That said, I have not bought anything since they were bought by Michael Kors and I’m not entirely sure if that has impacted quality at all.

    At a lower price point, I like M Gemi, Sam Edelman, and Aquatalia.




    I’d recommend checking out Corsica Como

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