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    So basketball season is starting tomorrow and I’m interested in how you ladies dress when given the opportunity to go to a game. Casual, a little more dressed up due to it being indoors?



    I work for an NBA team, and when we are working at games we have to be somewhat dressy. Most of us wear dresses, or slacks and a nice blouse in team colors. I have earrings for my team, too. 🙂

    When I go as a fan, it’s the total opposite. Casual all the way! Jeans and my favorite player’s jersey, and white sneakers.

    Most of the women sitting courtside get dressed up. I see A LOT of heels. But the majority of women I see elsewhere in the stadium are just in t-shirts/jerseys, jeans or leggings, and sneakers.



    Casual, but with some effort – I do my hair, makeup, etc. but I try not to wear anything fussy or anything that would be ruined if someone spilled beer on me.



    I usually go athleisure so leggings and white Adidas with a shirt repping the team. Sometimes i wear jeans too but mostly leggings.



    Do not wear heels. Your feet will thank you once they see the stairs.



    If I’m in a box/club seats I’ll wear something a little nicer like a casual skirt and top in vaguely the teams colors. If I’m like up in the nosebleeds it’s 100% athleisure for me.



    A lot of it depends on the city you’re in. If you’re in LA or Miami, where NBA games are also a SOCIAL event, then girls tend to dress up more. Take a look at [Beyoncé’s courtside photos]( for reference. If you’re in like, Denver (esp. because that’s a football town and the Nuggets are very sadly overlooked), it’ll definitely be an extremely casual affair.



    Wear whatever you want. Dress for the weather.



    I used to work as a sports writer, but still regularly attend games and my “uniform” is pretty much the same now as it was then— basic tee, loafers or a v simple heel, and a blazer.

    Or I just think about what Victoria Beckham tends to wear at sporting events and go with some lesser version of that.



    Casual. I have a t-shirt dress in my team’s color. I wear it with opaque tights and boots, then I wear my team cap. This season I will be buying a team hoodie that I will likely wear with jeans and boots.



    Depends on where we will go after the game. If there’s a gathering later on then semi formal. But if it’s just a day out to enjoy a game it then I’ll wear the teams shirt and leggings and comfortable shoes.



    Jeans, cute sneakers, team shirt or jersey, hair and makeup done. This is also how I would dress if I was watching at a bar.



    Jeans or structured athletic pants (such as tights from Athleta designed with pockets and such) and a Jersey or t-shirt.
    Fun sneakers.
    I focus on doing my hair decent when I’m dressed down. Makes a big difference. And hoop earrings!



    I go to baskellball matches here (no NBA where I live) and people dress casual but not too casual. I always go with dark skinny pants, solid block shirt and some dressy trainners/sneakers or flat shoes. I wear also the shirt of the team sometimes over my clothes (I take it off when the match ends) or a jacket of the team if cold.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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