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    I’m about to make a blouson jacket . What’s decided is two-tone gray wool outside (not pictured) with a white and gray striped lining inside. There are 3 specific questions I’d love to hear opinions on.

    1. **Fabric waistband and cuffs** as in second photo below or a **knitted waistband and cuffs** (first photo). The body fabric will be gathered at the waistband if I go with the fabric waistband option.
    2. Collar style: **pointed collar** (like a dress shirt as in photo 2 but *fabric not fake fur*), **standup fabric collar** (like a Nehru collar, no photo) or a **knitted collar** (first photo). I’d only consider a knitted collar if the waistband and cuffs are knitted as well.
    3. **Zipper** or **buttons** for the front closure (see photos).

    The sleeves will be set-in sleeves so the first photo’s a bit misleading for any other details than the ones I’ve asked above. There will be no chest pockets only the slash pockets at each side.

    I’d like something that looks nice but won’t go out of style in a single season. Feedback is greatly appreciated and if you have other suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.


    [Pockets will be the style shown here.](

    [Set-in sleeves as here. Chest pockets will not be used.](




    I think it depends on the weight of the wool you are using (and, by implication, your intended use).

    In a light(er) weight fabric the zip and the knitted detailing works fine. You’d get the sort of jacket you’d wear indoors, or during milder weather.

    For a heavier fabric I’d go for buttons and a collar that would stand up against the wind.



    This is a really cool project; wish I could do something like it. I’d go with fabric for the waistband/sleeves because the knitted material wears faster. And I like the pointed collar better than the other styles. Interested to see the final result!



    Both jacket looks solid but second one is much better but its quality depends on fabric.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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