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    Ok so I was waking on my college campus last year and I saw a backpack I really liked. The backpack had the brand on it and I actually remember looking it up and almost buying it. Here’s what I remember:


    -Backpack was brown

    -Was canvas, with leather parts

    -Had a square shape, seemed structured and not baggy

    -Looked something like this: like: and this:

    -Had a side handle, could be used as “briefcase” as well

    -Brand name was on backpack, was about 4 letters long

    What I remember from looking it up:

    -Brand name was short, around 4 or 5 letters long. Started with an M or an F I think

    Remember it being advertised having a side entrance/side entry

    -Costed less than $100/$150, was around $75 usd I think

    -Was available on amazon, had at least 4 stars with around 40-60 reviews. Don’t think it was prime available.

    -when I visited the actual brand’s website, it was a pretty simple and “crappy” (simple text layout, no flash or anything) didnt seem like a huge brand

    -Brand had maybe 10 different model backpacks

    -could have maybe been available on alibaba/aliexpress.

    It’s killing me at this point and I remember how much I liked the backpack. I can visualize the whole thing in my head, the website and everything, I just can’t remember the brand’s name. Please help!

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