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    Hi guys. I’m 23 years old guy from India. Completed my graduation last year and now working in corporate office as a software developer. I need complete transformation of my wardrobe. As I was in college 2-3 months back, my cupboard is full of t-shirt and jeans. Barely have 3-4 plain shirts. My company is cool with collared t-shirts. So no issue with that. But I think I need some change as I got some comments like “I’m not classy enough” and “I’m not in college anymore”. I was planning to go for shopping, but I thought I’ll take some advice from you guys before spending my money. As I said, I have lots of t-shirts, but around 10 collar once, so it gets repeated after some time. Can you guys help me with some ideas for office as well as for going out with same group of people (office friends).
    For shoes, I have 1 formal, 2 sports shoes and one sneakers. Let me know if any other detail is needed.

    Thanks guys. I have seen some really good suggestions and transformations here, I hope this post will change my life too 😛



    Need pictures of what you’re currently searing day to day and your budget. Are you in America?



    What do your coworkers wear? If button-up shirts are also common, maybe try those sometimes instead of polos. If everyone wears polos, yours might look sloppy compared to others if they’re worn out or don’t fit as well. (You want the shoulder seam to be on the highest part if your shoulder,not falling down your arm, and the sleeves shouldn’t be too loose.)

    2-3 good pairs of well fitted pants in neutral colors (tan, grey, navy, black, etc) could help a lot – no one cares if you wear the same pants a lot. You probably want chinos (cotton non-jeans pants) that fit your legs well – not skin tight but not too loose. Make sure they’re the right length, too. Take them to a tailor for hemming if you can’t find the right length.

    If you’re trying to look more mature, don’t wear your sports shoes to the office. Boots (like desert boots or chukkas) or loafers made of leather or suede will look more mature while still being casual. Clark’s is a good company to get comfortable leather shoes from.

    I’d recommend putting away or getting rid of any clothes that are worn out or fit poorly. Wearing things that don’t look good on you is a bigger issue than repetition. (I wear the same two pants and 10-ish shirts a lot, and no one has mentioned it.)



    Just remember to take your time. You will regret over-buying at this juncture. Purchase enough to get by, and then allow your self-image and taste to catch up to your new circumstances.



    You can get a ton of casual office wear, polos, button up t shirts, even dress shirts and a variety of colors and textures at a Ralph Lauren Polo store. They have sales almost every week. I experienced the same transition of college wardrobe into early career wardrobe.

    In regards to shoes I have one black, one brown dress shoe, a pair of sandals, and many many different types of athletic shoes which are unnecessary. I think everyone should have a athletic shoes in white, and black to go with any outfit. Adidas is really trendy and high quality.

    Also you can give Macy’s a shot for clothes or shoes. I’d look at a nice slip on shoe for casual and comfort for work.

    Macy’s also has amazing cologne which paired nicely can really transform a person. My favorite colognes are Gucci Guilty, Burberry Brit, and L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    If you have any more questions let me know! Hope this helped!



    A white or blue OCBD tucked into some charcoal or tan chinos with brown oxford shoes would be perfect for a casual office environment.

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