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    As title says… I’m looking for a tuxedo and all accoutrements for a wedding which specifies “Black Tie attire”.

    My budget is around $1,500. Less is great, but also willing to entertain more. I need EVERYTHING. Hell… It’s been a few years since I’ve bought a suit and I don’t even know my sizing.

    I strongly prefer made to measure full canvas… I literally know zero about Tuxedos. I’m 30 years old and ~5’10.


    Please, would LOVE if you could help me with suggestions! Shoes are very important to me as well. I am based near Philadelphia if there are local shops worth visiting (West Chester, PA). Happy to drive as far as NYC as I’m there quite often.


    Suggestions I found on other malefashionadvice posts…

    Cumberbund: [](

    Bowtie: [](

    Shirt: [](

    Other shirt options: [](



    I got my tuxedo a few years ago from Suit Supply (their Georgetown, DC store) and its one of the best investments I’ve made. I worn it 6-7 times, tailored to my body, and came with everything except shoes and a cummerbund. If you went with them, it would fall well below your budget, and you’d have it tailored (can’t remember if it was free or very heavily discounted).

    I don’t know if they sell cummerbunds, but besides that, they should have everything else you’d need. Hope this helps!



    1.5 K you say?

    No Man Walks Alone carries I think the most fabulous set of Tuxedos either in [Peak]( or [Shawl]( I think with discount code of DWW10 it comes out to 1.6K for the jacket and pants. You can also buy the bowtie from them, though they don’t sell the vest, and I’m not sure their cummerbund matches the facings on the jacket. [Kent Wang]( sells all the tie and cummerbund that should match the Eidos Jacket linked above though.

    Also although made to measure is in general not as valuable as really good off the rack at the level you’re interested in spending + taking it to the tailor. People say really great things about Kent Wang’s suits, he has an excellent sense of style, and he and his people can fit you well remotely or in NYC, and make sure you’re supplied with everything head to toe way under your budget, and his quality is way above Suit Supply.

    So if you don’t want to think and want to save some money Kent Wang, if you’re more into clothes consider the Eidos options.



    Save some dollars and hit or similar thrifting /second hand places. Tuxes are rarely worn, even if you hit up the charity gala circuit and are almost always in pristine condition when donated.

    You can end up getting a much nicer tux especially with your budget. Also, I know this not right but look at getting a nice shoe that could work with your tux but also do double duty. Freaking wearing tux loafers like handful of times and spending big dollars there seems like such a waste.



    Personally for a garment like a tuxedo, I’d see half-canvassed as more than sufficient. You’re not going to wear this one out.

    I think that SuitSupply’s package for their peak lapel tuxedo is an outstanding deal. I had a full canvas MTM DB Shawl done by Black Lapel for my wedding and I’m very happy with it. You also can never go wrong with Brooks Brothers, but that’d likely blow your budget.

    Meermin has/had some reasonably priced patent plain toe oxfords. I own them and for the rare times they get worn, they’re great.



    Just rent one from ….I rented my tux and also did my groomsman tux from them during my wedding earlier this yr and it was splendid …why buy a tux for one event



    bonobos and j.crew both have great tuxes for under 1k, even less if you can get them on sale!



    You might want to try Enzo Custom. They make pretty decent formal wear. I’ve bought some suits from them. They’re relatively inexpensive as well.



    You wouldnt wear a tuxedo to a black tie event. A really nice suit yes, tuxedo is for formal formal.

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