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    * Like many, on my journey into building a wardrobe over the last 7-8 years I got sucked into the “classic” styles in terms of footwear: Alden longwings and PTBs in shell cordovan, Quoddy bluchers, white canvas sneakers, etc. In my clothing, I stuck to the classic menswear colors of navy, indigo, grey, burgundy, olive and white. No black anywhere in my wardrobe, everything bought with an eye toward a timeless vibe.
    * Over time, the appeal of that look faded for me in both footwear and core pieces of my wardrobe. and I’ve been spending time and money over the last 6 months shifting my wardrobe toward a more modern, contemporary aesthetic.
    * I’ve been embracing black and white as central colors for jeans, exploring some great outerwear (2 amazing Rick Owens leather jackets, a crazy amazing drapey black waxed cotton Julius hoodie, and some other great pieces), playing with layering over tee shirts with interesting texture and hemlines, etc.
    * I’ve been enjoying experimenting with different proportions in my clothes as well– I have 2 pairs of Rick Owens Pods shorts that are a lot of fun to wear, and I’ve been enjoying how some of the outerwear pieces and some nice longline tees I’ve gotten can shift and shape the way my body proportions appear.
    * I still tend to wear jeans most of the time– I live in Southern California and work from home, so my wardrobe and lifestyle are pretty casual. That said, I have meetings, dinners out with my wife, conferences, parties, etc where I still wear jeans but want to up the level of my footwear. As I mentioned a lot of my jeans are in the black, white, or dark/undistressed indigo family.
    * I’ve really struggled with footwear for nicer outfits. For casual stuff, I have a wide sneaker collection of Common Projects in a range of colors and leathers, some CP chukka sneakers, and a few good pairs of Adidas sneakers that I wear with really casual outfits.
    * Where my footwear search breaks down is in styles and colors that work with black and white jeans that also fit with these more modern aesthetics I’m exploring. I still do wear indigo denim a fair bit, along with olive chinos and burgundy jeans. Most importantly, I like versatility in my footwear. I struggle to find footwear that I think looks like an “elevated contemporary” look that also matches well with the range of stuff I’m wearing.
    * I’m looking for some suggestions about styles and colors that may work well.
    * I’d be grateful for thoughts on pairing brown/tan-based footwear with black jeans– I’ve seen it work really well and seen it look terrible.
    * For example, I’ve been considering a pair of [black double monk straps with a chisel toe](, but I’m not sure if they’ll look too formal/traditional. As above, I’ve seen pictures where this look great and others where it crashes and burns. I’m also considering some jodhpur boots in [black]( and or/[mid-brown]( ([these]( are great too) as I’ve seen some looks work great mixing black or white jeans with brown.
    * If I were going to find a shade of tan/brown that could work across black, indigo, and white bottoms, what might it be?
    * I’m deeply appreciative of any advice on this topic.


    * Budget-wise, I’m okay to go up to Edward Green/Guidi/Zonkey Boot territory.
    * Let’s assume for now I have nothing I love outside of sneakers (I have a few pairs of casual Red Wing chukkas that I like still but I’m leaving them out of this discussion).
    * Looking for shoes as well as boots. Loafers/slip-ons don’t work well due to my foot shape/volume (flat/narrow) so I tend to stay away from that.
    * Looking for up to 4 pairs, ideally a mix of shoes/boots.

    Many, many thanks.



    In my opinion (and I am very much a noob, so take this with a grain of salt) having a bit of texture can really help bridge the gap between classic cuts and contemporary style. I won’t even try to recommend any specifics because you are way out of my price range, but in general I would begin by looking in the direction of suede.



    Here is my ‘current’ shoe rotation

    * CDiem S21M
    * Guidi 788SZ
    * Gravity Pope Derbies
    * Ultraboost Runners

    Arguably I could do without one of the back zips but I love both and I may be attempting to add more to my ‘collection’ but you are suppose to rotate daily right? This is my current downsized shoe ‘rotation’ (although I basically just rotate between the back-zips day to day). Maybe look into CDiem, CCP etc if you have not already there is some pretty fun footwear there. If you look around you can find some pretty good deals with people downsizing their collections etc.



    For boots personally a fan of the SLP Wyatt Chelsea boot they have these in leather and suede in a couple colors and heel sizes. Personally I’m partial to the tan suedes with the smaller heel. Hard to pull off the taller heel.

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