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    I wear [jet black Levi 541 jeans](, [This Belt](, and [This Ushanka]( I normally just wear black band t-shirts I have owned forever. I am thinking about switching to long sleeved black polos [like this](, and dress shirts [like this]( Does that seem like something that would work, also I am thinking about [black chucks]( for shoes, but not really sure.

    It seems like a look I could pull off, but not really sure. Looking for any advice I can garner really.


    **EDIT: So I defaulted back to “Band tees” but tried to focus on being more vibrant. These are not from a band, but I really liked the designs so I went with them.[Shirt 1](, [Shirt 2](, [Shirt 3](, [Shirt 4](, [Shirt 5](



    After my foray into designer tees, I’ve gone back to band tees, fwiw. And given the shirts you linked, you’ll probably be abandoning the new purchases fairly quickly. I think a more important question is why is a trapper hat an integral part of your outfits?



    Honestly Band t-shirts are freaking great, they often have good art work and are great conversation starters… Well, if people know the band at least *cries in QOTSA” and they are often good quality, especially compared to their price.



    Black chucks are good for a casual look. I don’t find them very durable, and they’re uncomfortable for me unless I add an insole, but otherwise go for it.

    The shirts you linked have wacky detailing that seems awkward to me. Generally classic clothing items look better with classic detailing, rather than funky made-up detailing or trendy detailing. I’d look for a basic band-collar henley and a simpler button up shirt without contrast elements. The button up shirt would be more versatile in a lighter color.

    What’s with the hat? If you wear it with a heavy coat in the winter, then fine. If you’re wearing it with t-shirts then that’s gonna look weird.

    Keep your band t-shirts if you like the band and the design and they fit you well.

    Do you live somewhere remote? I don’t advise people to stock their closets with no-name amazon brands. If there are clothing stores near you, it’s easy to try stuff on to check the fit, and you can keep watch for sales to save some money.



    With that combo, I’d wear the band tshirts as they add a spritz of colour



    i def think it can work but i would say open up the colors a bit.

    I will warn that i dress more business casual and work in an office environment. When casual its jeans, solid crew neck tee shirts / polos / button ups, drivers / sneakers / boots / seavees.

    Get some more color in there and grab a more traditional (not large square metal buckle) belt. Im personally not a fan of the hat, but hey if you love it then work it in. Its getting colder out (US) grab some casual boots or chukkas and mix those in too.

    I have never dressed in all black so my advice may be useless to you, but its an opinion so take it for what its worth 😉



    The linked “polo” is not actually a polo, it’s a band collar or henley shirt. It doesn’t have a folded over collar.



    All those t shirts you picked up are black mate, not exactly vibrant. When in doubt, refer to the basic bastard guide, memed on as it is



    Don’t buy clothes on amazon



    Ok thanks for the Advice. I thought I might make a change, but I guess it seems the consensus is stick to the same shit i’ve been wearing since I was in middle school.

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