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    Norwegian Rain Fall/Winter 2018



    Pre-emptive PSA: This is simply one seasonal collection from one designer. To newcomers to MFA, this is not MFA saying how you should dress. If you are interested in what to do with runway shows (lookbooks/collections/etc) you can read this [COTW](

    Being exposed to a different corner of the fashion internet is a good thing, even if it seems scary or weird or outside of what you’re comfortable with. The great thing is these are just pictures and so if you don’t want to dress this way or buy these items then you dont have to. No one is forcing you to like these things and it is okay to dislike them. Please bear in mind Comment rules still apply, so play nice.

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    Is this old black dude modeling for every brand??



    I was mildy interested until i saw that price lol.

    Looks like its Northface for me



    > Tailored, Japanese sensibility, waterproof, stylish, effortless, technical, textured… all words that describe Norwegian Rain’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, titled “Eunoia”. In other words, it strikes a balance between the utilitarian functionality of the brand’s raincoats and contemporary men’s style.

    > Norwegian Rain have always put the well-being of the wearer first. Hailing from Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe, the brand was born out of need – a need to not only stay dry and defend against the rain, but remain stylish too. It’s feat barely any other brands manage.

    > For AW18 the outdoors label have added new shapes, volumes and textures to create new designs, and upped the ante on its already superb existing models. As before, the latest collection is designed by the now-famous Norwegian Rain duo: bespoke tailor and designer T-Michael, known for his conceptual approach to his handcraft; and creative director Alexander Helle, a business graduate that founded the Rain project based on flourishing collaborations between local expertise from the creative scene of Bergen, Norway.




    That number 6 coat…. Ooof. I love the look!



    Highly recommended. I have the moscow from last year and the double breasted coat with the additional winter lining. Best I have owned until now. Offshore grade fabric and brilliant design makes them work in cold winters and the stormy coasts along the north sea.

    The bumfreezeer is next on the list for me.



    I fuck with this collection hard. You can feel the construction through the images, pared with the fit, cuts, and just the right amount of flare — Norwegian done right.



    I own the Bumfreezer in picture 5. It’s unreal. I can’t think of any outerwear that’s this functional while still looking good. It also makes me feel like a tank during a cold snap. The Moscow in picture 6 is even more nuts. A lot of that coat is lined in shearling so it’s insanely warm. Both are great against the wind too.



    Who is the model? He’s everywhere.



    Number 6 is amazing, the high price keeps me from going in tho.
    15 looks futuristic/ dystopian and reminds me of ghost in the shell.
    Slide 23 continues with the anime vibes – what a gorgeous collection!



    Has anyone ordered from Norwegian Rain’s website and had it shipped to the US? I’d like to know if there’s any import taxes and if so, how much they are.



    These look super dope. I was strongly considering getting one last year because it sorta looks like the jacket gosling wore in blade runner. Then I’d have an awesome cold weather jacket, and part of a neat Halloween costume.

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