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    I’ve recently moved to NZ, so fashion game is completely new for me here.
    Which shops/brands for what do you like? Do you thrift? Do you shop online? Where?



    Recycle boutique and paper bag princess NZ-wide for good thrifting. On local brands I really like Stolen Girlfriends and Lonely. Cue and Ingrid Starnes are fine for the office, and then of course there’s Karen Walker, Country Road, Trenery etc.



    Vintage & thrift: Recycle boutique (I also sell there) & op shops in suburbs/small towns when I go travelling, Trade Me.

    New: Seed, Country Road, Trenery & Witchery are all the same company – they’re good for work & elevated casual pieces, I wouldn’t rec getting basics from there. Max is also good for work clothes, they sometimes have good sales. Just Jeans & Northbeach are great for denim. I can’t speak highly enough of AS Colour for basics! H&M has a store in Auckland now and Zara has an online NZ store, otherwise Glassons is of similar quality but can be aggressively trendy.



    I pretty much buy all my clothes second hand/thrift, from Recycle Boutique and online from Trademe (though the latter is getting a bit more difficult now, with so much cheap new fast fashion stuff on there too).

    Unfortunately NZ is really expensive to buy new (and in general for everything), and the price of even lower end clothing just isn’t justifiable to me for the appalling quality. The other weekend I made the mistake of buying a couple shirts from Pagani – put them through the wash before wearing, and that was enough for the seams on one of them to start coming apart – with not even a single wear! A standard casual shirt, with no special care instructions. Ugh.



    I love a mixture of Forever New and dresses from Dotti for new clothes. I’m fairly into my tight jumper/A-line mini skirt tights and boots style though.

    What city are you in? Thrifting opportunities differ fairly dramatically



    If you’re looking for some NZ native designers, my favourites are: Lonely Label (seriously gorgeous lingerie and swimwear), Allbirds for great sneakers made from merino wool and recycled materials, Twenty-Seven Names (hands down my favourite NZ designer label.. expensive but so gorgeous), Juliette Hogan (again, expensive but gorgeous simple designs and beautiful materials). Also, not NZ but a favourite Australian designer with shops in NZ: Gorman.

    These might not be for an every day purchase but nice to keep as a favourite for when you want to spoil yourself!



    Recycle boutique for thrifting, ASOS or iconic for online shopping, ascolour, H&M for basics. DeCjuba, seed heritage, portmans, sometimes Dotti for office wear and smart casual. I try not to spend too much on clothing at the moment so these are all mid-range options.



    Not from NZ but got an awesome gift from Moochi recently, they do some quite architectural stuff.



    Welcome to the place the fashion forgot. I lived in NZ for 9 years and my wardrobe is still only recovering (I live in Australia now).

    Basically, I thrifted everything – trademe, Savemart – combined with browsing Witchery, portmans and dotti clearance racks OR ordering online from the USA/shopping every time I went home or overseas.

    Seriously, I feel your pain.



    Honestly, a lot of my recent purchases have been from Onceit, which is a daily sales site… I mean, holy hell, REB footwear (usually ~$300) and Lee jeans ($150) for $60? Gimme! There’s a lot of shit to sort through but it’s absolutely worth it for brands you’re already familiar with. Occasionally NZ Sale has good stuff but I usually can’t be bothered.

    For footwear, Merchant / Mi Piaci (same parent company) are good and have stores across the country. REB footwear, Beau Coops and Minx are worth a look. (Side note: I’m still in mourning for Minnie Cooper).

    For basics and staples, check Commoners, Kowtow and Huffer.

    Other NZ brands I keep an eye on that haven’t been mentioned yet: Ruby, Storm, Ricochet, Kilt, Tuesday Label, Julian Danger, Harman Grubisa.

    Honestly, I’ve almost entirely given up on making Glassons/Pagani/Portmans/Dotti fast fashion work for me… I’ve been finding it’s better to hold off and get the pieces from brands I like as they come on sale. I’ve had fairly good luck with this for Lonely, Ruby, Commoners and Merchant/Mi Piaci.

    I’m also going to put it out there that The Warehouse and Kmart are the place to look for low price items if you’re on a tight budget/schedule. They’re rather handy if you need to pick up a pair of tights or a fluffy bathrobe at 9pm.



    Deadly Ponies makes the most gorgeous bags!



    Honestly I buy most of my stuff second hand on designer wardrobe or trademe. I just had a pair of sergio rossi boots off trademe arrive the other day- I got them for 28 bucks!



    Any recs for online shopping that ships to the US? Last year when I was in Auckland and various areas on the North Island I really wanted to shop local designers, but didn’t know where to look/start!

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