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    Office Styles by Esquire Magazine



    Just recently I noticed The Rules section of this sub, and the first rule that says:

    1) Be respectful and civil

    I respectfully and civil-y say that those REALLY CROPPED gray patterned trousers with the white socks and black shoes looks *really* fucking stupid.



    I kinda hate all of it



    The mostly business shoes are sneakers. Even the doc martins in the creative outfit are dressier than that. That’s weird.

    I’m also not thrilled by the polos everywhere. They look fine here, but… it’s kinda odd they didn’t recommend any button up shirts.

    But the looks here work



    Some decent advice but layering a graphic tee under an unbuttoned button down shirt isn’t really for the office IMO. More of a general guide to dressing oneself, but a decent one at that.



    The styles and items selected are absolute garbage imo. Not at all what I would consider “nice styles” for office/business. The shoes especially are the worst of the recommended items.



    These looks seem good for someone like me: early-mid 20s, works in immigration law (as a legal assistant, not attorney), isn’t client facing, works downtown and goes out after work. However, I don’t know if I’d feel super comfortable wearing those pants as excessively cropped as they are. That fit with the striped sweater is beautiful, though.



    Anyone know a reasonable priced version if the long sleeve blue and white polo? I’m digging the colour scheme on a long sleeved polo, but not at 185 bucks.

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    As someone who worked from home for years, I can attest to the cushiness of Bombas socks.

    (But shoes would be unnecessary. They got the sweatpants right.)



    cropped pants with socks doesn’t really work in my opinion. Nothing against cropped pants or socks. Just not both together at the same time.



    If you have to wear a suit to work, you can’t wear a damn polo underneath it.



    This is the dumbest guide for anything that has ever been made.



    A dig outfit three, but the rest is pretty meh.



    I knew this was going to be bad going in but a huge graphic tee in the first example lol…



    I have a sneaky feeling that this article is trying to [sell me something](

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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