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    Hey guys! I’m a huge fan of Conor McGregor, not only as a martial artist, but as a style icon. As someone who has to wear suits, or at the very least, business casual-wear on a daily basis, I draw inspiration from Conor McGregor on how to add style and flair to the basic(and often boring) suit and tie that most people in the office wear. I recently saw this picture of Conor on my Instagram, and it immediately caught my eye. To me, it is absolutely beautiful. The color, the pattern, everything about it. I’m in a financial position in which I am comfortable and secure enough to spend large amounts of money on suits every once in a while. I have a bespoke clothier near my house, and I was thinking about having him replicate McGregor’s blazer, most likely as a full suit. The suit itself is obviously very beautiful, but I am a bit worried that it lacks the kind of versatility that would make it a viable purchase. It simply seems as though there aren’t many different ways I could wear such a suit. What are your opinions on the suit, and what are some shirt+tie combinations that could work well with the suit? Thanks in advance.

    Baby Blue Blazer https://imgur.com/gallery/bZbF5Xf



    So much of Conor’s fashion is in his fit and his body. I think you could rock it but the fit has to be dead on. I would only use this as a sport coat though. Full suit would look weird, unless you were in Vegas or somewhere flashy.



    I know a lot of guys who also admire and seek to emulate aspects of Conor’s style. I think his impact on men’s fashion is not to be understated, not necessarily for what he wears but for his effort in wearing it. Conor is one of those rate personalities that gets guys who usually don’t care at all about what they wear to suddenly want to dress more ostentatiously. The number of guys I see now sporting the same beard + glasses + tightly tailored pants and shirts now when they used to wear graphic tees and joggers is astonishing. Conor McGregor has become a subgenre of male visual culture similar to pre-2018 Kanye West.

    That being said, Conor pulls off the majority of his wardrobe because of his personality and reputation. Being a professional fighter juxtaposes the flamboyant clothing well enough to be striking, but specifically within the context of him being around similarly large personalities.

    The average guy trying to pull off “McGregor style” in their everyday will fall flat typically. Stuck in a valley of clearly trying very hard but also not achieving the same effect on people unfortunately.



    Really nice size of the squares- don’t think I’ve seen this type of plaid before



    As a full suit it would be way too much.



    yeah i dont know if i can see this as a full suit – especially without being known for wearing that suit. Its such a stand out piece i would worry that being in it a few times would be really memorable in a bad way.

    With that said, i absolutely love that blazer.



    Honestly, it’s a solid plaid suit jacket. It looks great. The belt — in some ways, like the person — is tacky and attention-seeking, but that’s another matter.



    I think that would be incredibly not versatile as a suit. I don’t think it would pass muster as business casual despite being a suit. If it was navy based instead of baby blue based, I’d say go for it. But I think it’s too out there for professional use.



    Reminds me of something Roy Williams the unc b-ball coach would wear.



    It’s good tailoring, it looks good on him. The fabric is nice.

    I have a similar jacket and I barely wear it.

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