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    [Vogue](https://en.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-inspiration/diaporama/fall-winter-2018-2019-fashion-trends/49630) listed 24 trends for A/W 2018-19 a few days ago. The list was quite interesting to me and I’d like to know what you guys think of it. Do you think some of the trends won’t actually catch on? Is there something missing? Unfortunately the article has an annoying image gallery format.


    I read that a lot of people on FFA miss capes and according to Vogue they are on trend again. Another coat trend is padded, oversized coats. Almost everyone was wearing them in Helsinki last winter and seems like the trend continues to the next year. I think they look nice but I imagine they would make me look wide and stumpy. I’m not really big on fake fur coats, they tend to overpower me.


    I am so into floral embellishments and kind of a tribal vibe. I am half Sámi descent and I would love to incorporate elements of the [gákti](https://scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/cb1c4029184ae7ae5e3f706e74d8c1cc/5BFC362C/t51.2885-15/e15/1171231_272832216231693_1658947079_n.jpg?_nc_eui2=AeEHF72kdCOodYRb1p9bUZy7ULfhGdyMmcBZYn3Y6XFi0rOdU8THbX6KkcjriddvdAmHro1u6vvruGGXlR0_5tlU) into western fashion. Seeing the embellished sleeves etc really sparks my imagination and makes me want to learn how to sew. You have to be careful not to approppriate other cultures though. Some people think white people shouldn’t even wear “tribal” fashion that is influenced by some other culture that they’re not a part of. What do you think about it?


    I’ve already seen a lot of plaid in shops and on Pinterest. I really love it and I would love to get skinny/straight leg plaid trousers for work. I also love the 1960’s vibes. The 90’s revival is starting to get kind of boring imo.


    Some of the stuff on Vogue seems like a revival of early 2010s fashion. Neon, leopard print and holographic clothes? Really? I’ll be very excited if neon colors come back as they flatter my complexion. On the other hand I don’t know if it’s too soon for early 2010’s fashion to come back again. I mean, I’m not really nostalgic for that era yet? It’ll be interesting to see if the trend will catch on.



    Layering for autumn? Groundbreaking…



    Does anyone really think knitwear will ever be out of style in the winter? That one just seems like they threw something on to make the list an even number.

    Other than that I’m really only here for what they call “cowgirl” (which I kind of roll my eyes at), & “pajama wear”, but both of those are ways I already dress. On any given day I either dress Ultra Femme or like I’m about to rob a train.

    I’m such a butthead about anything 80s though, I so wish designers would go back to 30s/40s styles and hang out awhile longer, or even 1890s men’s styles tailored for women – I need those pants in my life.



    * Capes, sequins and large shoulders? Yesss! 5 of each!

    * Checks are nice too, I have felt the urge for grey on grey checked pants.

    * I am super picky with flowers, so a wide range is nice. Maybe something that I didn’t see my grandmothers use. I prefer low contrast patterns, or flowers as details.

    * Hologram? Hmm… I’d like it on others, or on exercise clothes.

    * Absolutely hate animal prints. THOSE are everywhere now.

    * Fake fur is risky, rumors are that some brand actually use real, claiming high quality fakes since many people that gladly wear cow skin refuse to wear the skin of animals bred exclusively for fur.

    * And frills are OUT! Sales racks have been stuffed with them for months.



    **Here for**:

    -1980s shoulders (if I can have the rest of the 80s look too)

    -The 1960s! (Going to need brighter colors though)

    -Oh, here are the bright colors! I like those.

    -Night fever sparkly shiny goodness.

    **On the fence**

    -I could get more excited about capes if I saw just the right one.

    -I like the look of the holographic stuff (and I’m proud of myself for getting the reference for once)… but for some reason I worry that the material might be kind of flimsy. It’s probably just me.

    -depending on the colors and how much of them I get to use (I’ll take the “all over,” please), the checks could be cool. …I need an air of absolute confidence, where am I going to get that?

    -depending on how they’re used, the couture frills could be really pretty

    **This will be good on someone else, I’m leaving it alone**:

    -Western/cowgirl (I only like the movies)

    -that fringing just isn’t doing it for me

    -I love orange but this workwear trend is not gonna suit me, plus if I’m not working I don’t have to look like I’m at work

    -the scarf prints just aren’t my kind of pattern -too swirly and irregular

    -hippie will just never be my thing, I’m sorry

    -the pajama trend seems sloppy to me (I admit I have been interested in slip dresses before, but this here has gone too far)

    -flowing gown on me is euphemism for “unfortunate boob tent” so this is one more thing I’ll have to admire on others

    -never liked animal print

    I understand why parkas/puffy coats/fake fur/sheepskin are in. People want to stay warm. But I don’t really feel one way or the other about those looks. And I thought layering, knitwear, and florals were ALREADY big? (I refuse to have 9 layers though)






    Slightly OT but hi fellow sami! I love incorporating sami-style/fairisle-style knit patterns into fall and winter outfits.



    That left-most image on the “workwear/orange” page is giving me heavy Star Wars fighter piot vibes. I’m kind of living for it TBH.

    I dunno, a lot of these trends seem kind of..boring? Or overdone/already done for my taste. There’s not a lot here that feels new or exciting. But I’m glad to see a lot of crew-neck cuts in the mix.



    So the 60s, 70s, 80s, *and* 90s are all coming back at once?




    * Some are just … duh: Padded/quilted/puffer jackets, parkas, knitwear, and layering? Well, yes, it’s going to be winter. ~~^(Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.)~~
    * Here for: CAPES. Big shoulders. Structured jackets with sharp 40’s shoulders and drapy, swishy pants? Let’s bring back the Katherine Hepburn look!
    * Don’t care about: fluorescents—doesn’t work with my coloration.
    * Hate: fringe/cowgirl/sheepskin … I like things that can be washed. Scarf prints: I associate them with a particular kind of rich older lady who is vicious to service staff.
    * Trying to make fetch happen: workwear
    * Been trending for several years: All over floral prints, fake fur, 30s/60s/70s/80s/90s, plaid, animal prints (especially leopard), frills/big sleeves, oversized knits
    * Special complaint about “hippie” style: stop appropriating Native American elements. Please, thank you, and good night.



    Who said that shoulderpads would be back soon early this year and was laughed at? THIS GIRL.

    I am living for the big shoulders.



    I still have leopard, neon, and fringe from last time, so I don’t need to buy anything to be on trend. Excellent.

    Leopard *always* comes back. Always.

    Edit: I do like the patchwork, too.



    If you’re half Sami it’s not appropriation, you’re taking part in your heritage/culture.



    As someone with broad shoulders, Please no to 1980s silhouettes



    Yes to:
    – any and all trends playing with proportion/oversized/structure. I’m a sucker for designers pushing away from traditional fits. This includes: 80s shoulders and jackets, giant parkas, padded jackets, layering, even some capes
    – luxe minimal, things that highlight rich materials and construction but doesn’t have to be loud to be impactful. Includes: faux fur, pajama styles, knitwear, and even some of the fringe and sequin stuff.
    No to:
    – loud for loud‘s sake. The fluorescent colors, busy florals, scarf prints, hologram. I like to find balance in outfits and I always feel like pieces like this just totally overwhelm anything else, unless it’s a very small accent
    – hippie and 60s. I just can never see it as not unflattering and clashing
    – cowgirl. Not my thing but select pieces of western-inspired styling can be very rad (see, CK205W39NYC [boots](https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/calvin-klein-205w39nyc-steel-toe-cap-ankle-boots-item-12906187.aspx) that every blogger lost their minds over)
    – workwear. I love utility-inspired, especially workwear jumpsuits, but the safety orange can go
    – sheep and leopard. can be gorgeous if done right, clean and thoughtful, but way too often you’re looking like you’re on a farm or made a thrift shop mistake
    – check. generally love plaids of all sorts but this seasons runway made me feel we were inching towards a lot of aggressive pairings of primary colors with tartan print… too much



    Lets see:

    – capes – I love them, more of this!!

    – sheepskin – very warm, cosy and looks awesome.

    – fake fur – it always looks so cheap. I choose just not to wear any fur like item. To me its lile carrying a knock off channnnel purse you bought for 10 bucks in chinatown. Plus fake fur has none of the insulation qualities that real fur has. Just let this trend die.

    – 80s – Can we please as a society let the 80s go. They have been trying to make the 80s happen since 2003 and its not really catching on. I feel, especially as a woman of 33, these look age the wearer in a bad way and just look silly.

    – Neon – if it goes with your skin tone rock it. Sadly as a pale ginger I just end up looking like a corpse. I do like some pieces to take with me on a hike/horseback ride for visibilty if anything happens so its nice to have cuter options.

    – Western – not the biggest fan, but I am kind of into a few of the jackets.



    I’m into the capes, I’m into the sheepskin, I’m definitely into the sort of delicate embroidered Germanic/Scandinavian florals, everything else is just…meh. It all feels a bit tired and somehow sloppy to me. I am excited about the potential return of color (I’m kind of over monochrome) but the cuts and silhouettes are just looking baggy and lazy to me for the most part at the moment.



    I’m definitely seeing a bit of a workwear trend in my area (PNW). A lot of young men wearing Carhartt pants or overalls rolled up just above the ankle, or worn-in Carhartt jackets with plaid shirts underneath. I’m all on board for it, because a lot of those type of clothes are made to last for real usage, even if they’re seeing a bit of a trend among urban folks who aren’t necessarily wearing them for actual manual labour working.



    When I looked up the trends for autumn/winter a few weeks back I definitely had a ‘florals for spring…. groundbreaking’ moment. Layering, knitwear, padded jackets/parkas, fur… I don’t particularly feel that anything in the trends list is new and exciting and I feel like a lot of it was influenced by what people were wearing last year. E.g. it was super cold and snowy in Europe last year so everyone was wearing big padded jackets anyway. I’ve been wearing a down padded coat/jacket for at least the past 4 years. As for this layering two coats thing, I feel like that would just look silly? I don’t know if that will catch on.

    There’s a fair bit of 90s/00s fashion in that list and trends I keep seeing come up every couple of years. I don’t really follow trends so much anymore because I’m not that ‘out there’ with my clothing anyway so i’m never going to be hideously off trend. I’ve got various items of leopard print/animal print clothing in my wardrobe anyway, I think it was ‘trendy’ a few years ago and I love a bit of leopard print so I’ll be embracing that!

    There are a few other trends I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere, like logos which I feel again was something that was trendy in the early-mid 00s (anyone else remember the colourful logo LV bags that were everywhere?) and I wasn’t into first time round! So another one I won’t be going for.

    I do like a cape though so if they’re back then I might need to indulge this time round.



    It makes more sense with pictures, but FWIW the list (commentary by me) is:

    * layering. It’s winter; it’s cold. Of course we’re layering.
    * cowgirl. Meh.
    * bouquets of flowers. Continuation of spring. Don’t really object, but it’s not new or interesting for me.
    * padded jackets. I wear it because I’m cold, but I’m not into the Stay Puff marshmallow look.
    * ’80s shoulders. Lived though this the first time; skipping it the nth time.
    * parkas. Again, it’s winter and it’s cold, so duh.
    * fake fur. I do like fur accents, but I’m not compelled.
    * fringing. Not for me.
    * workwear. I actually think that this can be pretty cool, but it’s not for me.
    * capes. One of the few things that I actually really like from the list, but I find it impractical for daily life because I’m always carrying a shoulder bag. I carry too much crap to do one of those dainty crook of arm bags.
    * 1960s. Other than minis, meh.
    * fluoro kids. Skipped it the first time; skipping it again.
    * night fever. Not bad, but no use in my life.
    * sheepskin. I do like a good shearling jacket, but too much maintenance.
    * scarf prints. Really would like this for spring/summer.
    * hologram. Meh.
    * hippie. No.
    * 80s jackets. Not again.
    * pajama dressing. Meh.
    * check. No.
    * flowing gowns. The other thing that I really like from the list, but I already have useless flowing gowns in my closet.
    * leopard print. No.
    * couture frills. IMO, this should have been called “1980s evening wear”. Not again.
    * knitwear. It’s winter, so yeah.



    I’m excited for a fake fur coat. The rest I’m not really into. Parkas where I live are basically a winter necessity.



    I read this list to my mom (late 50’s) and by her interpretation “anything goes.” She also shuddered at the idea of shoulder pads coming back in.



    I’d be excited to see the workwear/utility trend make it big. I remember it was in for a hot second several years ago and really liked those kind of details (I remember the [Proenza Schouler jewelr](http://thatgirlfashionblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/proenza-schouler-jewelry.html)y specifically, but [Victoria Beckham](http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/19ieam-l-610×610-dress-victoria+beckham+dress-orange+dress-bodycon+dress-backless+dress-open+dresses-karlie+kloss-model-summer+dress.jpg) and [Alexander Wang](http://stylehau.nextmp.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Recently-Updated61_result.jpg) have done it in recent-ish years too). It never seems to be trendy enough to hit more affordable brands. Maybe I should go digging through ebay haha!



    I’m very much here for capes. I love that look. Layering, knitwear, and padded jackets are a given because it’s winter. Workwear is weird, I am not here for that.



    Allow me to preface this by saying I’ve never been one to jump on trends as such. I only really ever get excited about a trend if it’s something I already had an interest in and its popularity makes it more easily accessible and the availability of its variety wider. However, in recent years I’ve been expanding my fashion repertoire and it can be nice for certain styles to become trendy as it makes it easier to experiment – ’cause fashion should be fun!

    I’m excited for capes to come back, largely from a practical standpoint. I wear lots of bulky sweaters *ahem*knitwear*ahem* and have you ever tried stuffing a dolman-sleeve wool monstrosity under a regular coat? Capes are a lifesaver, and as far as I’m concerned, they never really left.

    Sheepskin and faux fur is going to continue being huge, but I don’t care for either. I can’t with the 80s shoulders, either – my shoulders are just broad enough for my frame, so any extra volume there just makes me look like a linebacker. Scarf prints and hippie/boho vibes have already filtered down to the high street as well, but all the peasant tops just remind me of the mid-aughts and I didn’t like them then either.

    I am HERE for the high-glam nighttime looks and “flowing gowns” trend, whatever that ends up looking like. Sometimes you just want all the drama!

    LOL @ the concept that puffer jackets, parkas, and knitwear are somehow a “trend” this season though. More like regular people have always been wearing these things because they’re comfortable and practical and high fashion brands are finally catching on and trying to monopolize on something they didn’t create. Points for being down with the little people, I guess?

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