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    Hi all

    As part of my clothing revamp, I was planning on organising my wardrobe/closet/hanging space and drawer space more effectively.

    * I wanted to ask all you lovely people what your tips and tricks are for organisation?

    * Do you have a closet AND drawers or just one? How do you organise them both? Do you prefer one over the other?

    * How do you ensure even use/rotation of clothes? (I find drawers sometimes things get pushed to the back, for example, or as I share hanging space with a partner sometimes things get pushed into the middle to be forgotten)


    My idea was to have all work clothes in the closet, hanging, even if they are t shirts so that I know those are for work. I usually go by clothing item so dresses all together, skirts, shirts etc but now I’m wondering if it is better to have outfits together i.e. skirt and the two shirts it goes with or whatever.
    My casual clothes were to be sorted however into my chest of drawers.
    Apart from that, I haven’t decided how else to reorganise just yet but am working on it!



    It’s a bit passe, but I actually love Marie Kondo’s folding technique. I scoffed and then tried it and now my clothes take up half the space!

    I also have a hanging rail in my bedroom. Originally it was just an affordable option but now I actually kinda love it. I love being able see all my clothes and it helps manage clutter. My clothes are basically decor not so it’s not worth looking at it’s not worth buying!



    I have a weird combination of things. My husband and I both love (and accumulate) clothes, and we live in an apartment, so we’ve had to get creative.

    We share a small walk-in closet, but it has no full-length storage, only half-length (good for efficient separates storage, not so good for formal gowns and longer coats). Then there’s some built-in shelving, three chests of drawers, two very large and sturdy clothing racks/shelving combinations that cover a wall of our small-ish bedroom, and an array of plain white boxes in different sizes and shapes. So, here is what I do:

    * Normal depth dresser: socks and specialty underwear (drawer 1), short sleeve t-shirts and tank tops (drawer 2), long-sleeve t-shirts and turtlenecks (drawer 3), knit tops and dresses (drawer 4). Everything is rolled to maximise space, and drawer dividers help immensely.
    * Deep dresser drawers (about 15″ deep): one for sweaters, one for thicker scarves.
    * Shelves: one for jeans/trousers, one for accessories and “limbo” clothes (not freshly clean, not noticeably dirty).
    * Inside walk-in closet: skirts and blazers (upper rack), blouses + miniskirts/shorts (lower rack). I use the space under and behind the clothes for storage: extra bedding, out-of-season accessories, the vacuum, and the ironing board. Suitcases live on shelves above the racks.
    * 2 large stand-alone clothing racks: all coats (including guests) and all long dresses/gowns go on the taller one. The shorter one has my everyday dresses, with a shelf above for handbags. Shoes live underneath the clothes on both racks.
    * Shoe-box size white boxes bought from Amazon: separate boxes for underwear, bras, workout clothes. Large flat boxes with dividers for silk scarves and for makeup. I keep most of these boxes on one of my two shelves.
    * Jewellery lives in various decorative boxes on my dresser and bathroom counter. I really need a better system, though.

    I rotate my trousers and shoes seasonally, putting the more current ones at the front. The sweater drawer is my biggest problem, as it is badly overstuffed, so it’s hard to see everything. My other storage has been pretty easy to maintain, though. We have a lot of stuff in this apartment (clothes and accessories, but also kitchenware and SO MANY BOOKS), but with clever storage we keep things orderly. I really do miss having a coat closet.



    I’ll start by saying I’m definitely not the most organized person in the world, but my clothing organization system has worked pretty well for me.

    I keep the majority of my clothing hung up in a closet. I have it organized by item type – tank tops, then t shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants. Then I have those organized by color, so white tank tops first, then gray, etc.

    I have one hanger with multiple hooks on it that I keep in the front of the closet that holds belts and bras.

    My bed has drawers underneath it, so I keep clothes in the drawers on my side of the bed. The one that can’t be opened unless I move my nightstand holds all the clothes that I definitely want to keep but don’t wear (out of season or sentimental pieces mostly). The other drawer holds my gym clothes, pajamas, house t shirts, socks, and underwear. I organize the socks and underwear in some cheap drawer dividers like [these](

    My closet isn’t huge so when I don’t wear an item much anymore, I move it to the closet in the hallway which I almost never open. If I don’t go in there for that item within a few months, I get rid of it.



    [This folding trick]( has helped me maximize my limited drawer space and wear a more even rotation of t-shirts.



    -[I hang all the tops/dresses I wear out.](

    —[Ordered by color because I have no color. Crop tops go on the other side of this.](

    -[I fold my bottoms and place on a shelf.](

    -[I hang my sports bras because I like the way they look.](

    -[I fold my underwear in those plastic drawers (Marie Kondo style).](

    I stuff my sleeping clothes/longer skirts in a little cube thing. (It’s not as aesthetic.) I sometimes fold them konmari style also, but let’s be real here.



    Yes to both drawers and open closet space – mine is a free-standing one with a few shelves and a rail for hanging things up. The things I hang up are all my work clothes besides layers that go underneath tops and things, coats and fancy clothes for events. My sweaters get folded and put on the shelf above the rail so I can see them all! I love this feature as I really love my sweaters. Other shelves are used for storing bags and all my shoes. In the drawers are all my casual things, underwear, socks/tights and work out stuff.

    In the closet, I group things by type and thanks to clippy hanger things I organise my skirts by length from shortest to longest. In the drawers, I also group things by type but the main thing for me is to have all tops visible when I pull out the drawer. In theory I fold them all neatly and line them up next to each other, but in practice I stuff things into gaps where they’ll fit. I just keep them in one layer so I don’t miss anything, also the drawer isn’t very deep. For the bottoms, I put all my jeans in stacks and the skirts and other pants are folded and in one layer.

    My belts are draped over a clothes hanger and put at the front of the clothes rack, my jewellery is either in a case on top of the drawers or in a dish on my bedside table.

    For me, it’s important to either see where something is instantly or know where I’m likely to find it.

    ETA: the night before work I pull out the items I want to wear the next day and group them together at the front as an outfit, so the amount of thinking I need to do before 7am is minimised as much as possible.



    Oh I know this one! Lol
    I like to keep a closet for things to hang including skirts, tops, and dresses. I organize by type and then color, but I’m thinking about organizing by material of fabric instead of by color.
    In my dresser I have underwear, socks, pants, pajamas, seasonal, and gym clothing. I also keep a closet near the front door for coats and outerwear
    In my seasonal drawer I have shorts and bikinis for the spring/summer and sweaters for fall/winter.
    For the problem you mentioned, everytime I do laundry I like to rotate my clothing. I put the new clothes in the back (for drawers) and shift the old clothes up front especially pajamas and pants.



    I have both a closet and drawers. In the closet I put coats, jackets, button-down shirts (mine are all silky and annoying to fold), dresses, and some pants because I ran out of drawer space. I keep every type of item near other of its type. I have an IKEA dresser. I think it has 4 drawers: (1) underwear and activewear; (2) short sleeve shirts and light sweaters (basically just Tippi sweaters lol); (3) thick sweaters and sweatshirts; (4) bottoms. I label my drawers (I love my labeler) to give everything a place. It’s easier to keep my room clean, even if I take out a ton of things to try on, and to find things, when everything has a specific spot.



    I’ve given up on drawers. Right now half my closet is dedicated to shelves that I use for most of the things other people here use drawers for. My space is pretty tight. The shelves are adjustable, so I keep them close enough together that the clothes don’t stack high enough to smoosh the bottom item. Stacking vertically makes everything visible. I do have a couple bins on the shelves for things that I don’t like to fold: unders, socks, etc. It’s all a work in progress and kinda fun to optimize. Enjoy!



    My biggest problem is that I had clothing in multiple places. I’d forget what I had. Right now my goal is to only own clothing that fits in my closet. Lots and lots of streamlining and curating is happening right now.

    This summer I didn’t have to switch out any seasonal clothing. I had my shorts in plain view every time I looked I my closet. I wore shorts approximately twice this summer. So, that really helped me 1. Not buy additional shorts and 2. Get rid of several pairs of existing shorts.



    I hate having clothes in drawers, I can’t seem to keep it neat and I feel like I forget a lot of my clothes. Unfortunately where I live now I only have a small built in wardrobe. There’s 3 shelves and small space for hanging, though I would prefer to be able to hang almost everything. Here’s how it’s organized at the moment:

    – Top shelf I have knitted sweaters and hoodies

    – On the next shelf I have tank tops/undershirts, t shirts and long sleeved shirts in 3 different rows. Stacked vertical in 1 row only, so I can see all my clothes at all times

    – On the 3rd shelf I have my skirts, pants and jeans. Again stacked in 3 different rows.

    On hangers I have dresses, cardigans and button up shirts as well as a few nice shirts I have that crinkle easily.

    I feel this way it’s easy for me to find the clothes I’m looking for and it’s easy to match clothes as I just find e.g. the shirt I want to wear and hold it up to the cardigans to see which colors and texture it matches and then I can easily find either jeans or pants depending what will go best with the outfit.

    In my drawers I keep my sleep clothes, gym clothes, socks, bras and underwear. I keep them separated and organized with dividing boxes from Ikea. All my scarfs, hats and jackets hang in a closet together in the hallway so it’s easy for me to match my outerwear.



    Hooo boy. We have a built in wardrobe, where I have two rails, one above the other. Top rail is blazers and button downs, bottom rail is pants which are in half over hangers, skirts and fancy blouses/camis. Other half of the cupboard, including the shelves and drawers and the full length rail, are my husbands.

    I have two ikea malm dressers – these hold tshirts in the kondo fold, underwear, heattech undershirts, tights and socks, jeans and denim shorts, jumpers (sweaters), scarves (i own a lot of these so they get their own drawer), pjs and gym gear, and a seasonal drawer (gloves, beanies, swimwear).

    Then i have a heavy duty hanging rail for a number of coats totally disproportionate to our climate, and dresses. About to transition the coats to storage bags under the bed.

    I also have a shoe cupboard, which is a crazy luxury. I didnt know it was there until after we bought our house, but its basically a door into the eaves of the roof, and one of the people who lived here before was a carpenter, and he must have built this little room in – it has square cubbies along one side wall and then a long flat area above those, plus I can fit my suitcase in there.



    I have a closet and a dresser in it, then built around it with the ALGOT system from IKEA. I love it.

    Both are very clean and organized. I fold my clothes a la KonMari method.

    I don’t own a lot of clothes, so I tend to wear everything I own. The only thing that I hardly wear is jeans (because I can’t wear them to work, and love sweats/leggings/pjs not at work), and summer clothes (because I can’t wear them to work and then generally don’t do much else in the summer, so they get taken out if I go on vacation (seldom).

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