Outdoorsy ladies, what are some must have pieces that take you from the Crags, to out for lunch and everything in between?

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    Hi everyone. So when I go to school, I like wearing flats, a cute dress, black tights and a knitted sweater or cardigan. It’s a very cute and sweet look. At the same time, the next day I will wear my Patagonia fleece sweater and a pair of climbing pants (Prana, e9, or fjallraven) or leggings (think lulus). I’m looking at transitioning a bit from the cardigan /skirt/dress thing to my outdoors look, because it’s hard to upkeep two completely different “looks” as well as my outdoors clothes are great quality. They last forever. They are true investment pieces and totally utilitarian.

    I don’t, however, want to completely give up the cute and sweet look as it feels very feminine and very me! Can anyone recommend any pieces, outfits, (Pinterest boards are great) etc (bonus points if it has a skirt or dress component!) that would help with this bridging of two styles, focusing more on the outdoors type?

    Thank you!!



    Check out stores like Athleta and Title 9. They have great pieces – including dresses and skirts – that are outdoorsy. I’ve found both places to have great quality clothing. I’d also recommend looking at backcountry.com. They focus on outdoors gear, but they have clothing too from a wide variety of outdoorsy brands. You should be able to find dresses and skirts that are feminine but also utilitarian on that site.



    I like toad and co for more fashion-y things. Keen has some cute “lifestyle” shoes that you can still hike in. Kuhl clothing has some pretty nice women’s stuff too.



    maybe check out the lifestyle section of arc’teryx?!

    i can’t bring myself to pay full price for their stuff though. check out if there’s a factory store near you? i’ve gotten some wool longsleeves and wraps for some pretty killer deals! bonus if you find climbing gear too 🙂



    Back when I was going to multiple yoga classes a day I would often wear my black legging yoga pants with a regular shirt & sweater. Like a layering tee and cardigan, or a warm sweater in winter. I think it’s better with plain leggings than with tech pants but maybe it’s an idea? I also always wear my jewelry and just take it off when I’m in class.



    For me, dresses and skirts just don’t work with the kind of outdoors activities I do, so I tend to split my wardrobe pretty dramatically between my gear and my city clothes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having two different wardrobes for different purposes.

    I’m not really sure whether you want to combine your wardrobes to have one wardrobe that works for both activities, or whether you want to just feel more true to your style when you wear outdoor clothing.

    But if you want to feel more like yourself (feminine, cute, sweet) while wearing outdoor gear, you could try to focus on the colour/cut of your clothing, accessories, and little details so it feels more true to you. For example, some cuts of athletic pants or leggings can go with knitted sweaters and nice shirts, hairstyles and jewelry can fancy things up, or using a signature lipstick shade (if you wear makeup) can all help you feel more like yourself, no matter what kind of clothing you’re wearing 🙂



    The struggle is real. I haven’t managed to bridge the gap but I have destroyed flats on many an approach. So I can advise you to not wear flats hiking or climbing, I guess.

    I do have some pieces I can wear for both styles, though the majority of my wardrobe are not shared pieces.

    – giant cozy cable knit burnt mustard sweater
    – leggings
    – cardigans
    – beanies
    – all the scarves
    – quilted vest
    – olive anorak
    – flannels (tucked into a pencil skirt looks lumberjack chic)
    – turtlenecks
    – tees



    Maybe take a look at Uniqlo and the way they style outfits in their product pics. Especially check out fall and winter looks. I like to peruse their site to get ideas on how to style pieces in a way seems in line with your described aesthetic. My fav part is that most of their clothing is quite functional too, and will work for outdoor activities. In fact, I recently went on a camping/hiking trip and took a bunch of my normal clothes (by Uniqlo). I packed some of their Heattech tops (which layer really well), Airism tee, a down vest, some black workout leggings, and a Blocktech jacket. I also love their merino sweaters, fleece tops and jackets, leggings pants.



    Sorry maybe my question wasn’t that clear. The activities I do(rock climbing and hiking) can’t be done in a skirt or dress either. I guess I just meant to ask what are some pieces that can be worn doing that, but also go over top of a dress. A piece that is utilitarian in that it is functional outdoors but can also be used through other aspects of the wardrobe. Thanks for the advice and I like the make up bit! Sometime when i hike or bike or climb I don’t put any make up on at all when really, I like wearing a little bit of make up! Thanks 🙂

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