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    What do you think of Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, [Living Coral]( Personally I am a fan, I’ve been really into coral for the past couple years.

    But I feel like it’s a safe bet after a couple years of missed predictions. I haven’t seen 2018’s Ultra Violet or 2017’s Greenery take the world by storm, like 2016’s Rose Quartz (in the form of millennial pink) and 2015’s Marsala did in the past. Coral is already a popular in mass market spring/summer fashion. Makeup manufacturers offered a wider range of coral lipstick than usual this summer. I feel like Pantone is getting on the bandwagon with this one. And they may even be a little late to the party, since this color is already widely used and commonly paired with [other colors that are already popular](, like navy blue, marigold yellow, and olive green.

    What do you think? Is coral already part of your wardrobe? Will it be in the future? Have we already reached peak coral?



    Wow. I’m really surprised. I agree – I think Pantone is a bit late to the party on this one. I feel like coral has been a very on trend color, especially for s/s, for a few years already.



    I definitely feel like coral has been trendy for the last few years. I prefer it in a makeup collection, but definitely don’t have the skin tone to wear it.



    I like coral but it’s “so 5 years ago” – for some reason I predicted a shade of yellow for 2019. Navy also seems to be having a moment the past couple years.



    My spouse works for a major fashion accessory retailer, and when I visit him in the office I get a sneak peak of the next season (or sometime next few seasons) of merchandise from this company (which owns several other fashion companies). I’m seeing a lot of navy and brown leather, and a tiny bit of coral and marigold. I’m not sure if that confirms it, but frankly I welcome this color story as it fits better into my aesthetic and the last few years it became really difficult to find navy basics as black had taken over basically everything.



    Yuck:( Coral isn’t a color I’d really like to wear or look at much.

    And I thought coral already had a moment like 2-3 years ago, kinda at the same time as aqua? I don’t really see it making a comeback this quick



    I like it in interiors but not on me. This and [peach]( tend to make me look a bit washed out and sickly. I do better with vibrant reds and pinks. But still a neat color 🙂



    I appreciate Coral in itself but i really dislike the color in clothing so I’ll give it a pass



    I am THRILLED, I love coral!!

    I also like that they called it Living Coral as opposed to just Coral, I want to believe it’s a poke at environmental issues and a subtle point-out that coral reefs are in danger (I’m sure it’s not, but I like the idea).



    This is that color that was really popular in 2011 and literally everything was coral and it made my eyes bleed.

    Rust, I like. Coral I’m not ready for.



    i have very pink cheeks and coral looks absolutely miserable on me lol. i’ll pass!



    I really wished greenery and ultra violet took off, I loved those colors.



    This was the color of my prom dress in 2001…



    Cue southern sorority girl shrieking. Bleh, this pick is so dated. I’m reminded of bible quotes, chevron infinity scarves, and lots of spandex/jersey material skirts.



    What’s the purpose of the color of the year? I’m still waiting for all the ultra violet clothes I was promised a year ago. I was super excited, then nothing.

    I don’t like coral in any case.



    It’s a pretty color but it’s ine of my least favorite colors on the Spring 2019 palette. Fiesta and Turmeric really appeal to me, even though oranges aren’t particularly flattering with my cool coloring. And Princess Blue is absolutely beautiful.



    Ugh. This is the exact color that my 70 yr old aunt in Florida and all of her “Ladies Who Lunch” friends wear, with white capris and white leather sandals. Fantastic for them, but not even close to a color that is aligned with my style.

    I love the environmental messaging in the name though!



    I loved coral when I was a brunette. It’s not a good look now that I’m an orangy redhead.



    Not really my thing, I’m a clear winter and need deeply saturated jewel tones to make me really shine…coral doesn’t do much for me except wash me out…



    Coral looks awful on me. It’s not a color I’m interested in wearing or using in decor. It almost comes off as dated to me, given its extreme popularity in 2010-2012 with the Pintrest chevron soccer mom crew.



    Coral has been popular for quite some time. How do I know? I look horrible in coral.



    I honestly don’t know how to do coral without looking like a pinterest board. Someone change my mind! Also, wasn’t coral already color of the year several years ago?



    Man every time the pantone color of the year comes out, I’m reminded of how not unique my fashion sense is despite thinking otherwise. I’m always like “I’m really loving this color right now and nobody else seems to be in on it! I’m so ahead of the game!” and then pantone comes out with it and I start wondering how much fashion advertising my subconscious is actually picking up on that I’m unaware of.



    While I don’t agree with it for clothing, I do think that this is THE for for of the new-age, glossier model makeup look. Wet lips and glossy, sunkissed cheeks in this natural flushed coral is everywhere.



    I take it for my hair please. For spring I need to drop the wintery metallic pink I have now.

    And why not some matching items for that children’s cartoon look!

    I’m halfway serious.

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