Payless Opens Fake Luxury Store, Sells Customers $20 Shoes For $600 In Experiment

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    Payless Opens Fake Luxury Store, Sells Customers $20 Shoes For $600 In Experiment



    These wannabe influencers are probably going to be the most gullible people on the planet when put in front of a camera



    “While the purchases were real, influencers did get their cash back after paying hundreds and they also left with free shoes for their trouble.”

    You know damn well they won’t wear those shoes now.



    All I am going to say to this is screw CBS for making an immovable, unclosable video player that blocks text so i can’t read the damn article.

    Edit: I want to add that I live in philly and it makes me sad that its a cbs philly link.



    I’d love to see a fashion equivalent of what The Judgement of Paris was for wine.

    We go on and on about materials/construction whatever, but at the end of the day your favorite item in the world from the best designer in the world is still marked up beyond reason at full price.

    How many palettes in the world can discern a true difference between DRC and a vintage from any number of reputable producers across Burgandy? The answer is not many. Like MAYBE a couple hundred across the planet.

    The same is true in fashion. People think they know more than they do, and ultimately aren’t paying for palette (or with clothing presence) they’re paying for exclusivity.



    Did they sell any men’s shoes? The pictures all have women’s shoes. I ask this because I know nothing about women’s shoes, but thinking about them literally nothing I know about shoe construction applies: They don’t have a welt at all. The shape of them basically guarantees they’re glued. To the extent they have stitching it’s either there for decoration or hidden as much as possible. There’s not enough room in the sole for cork or anything like that. Even at the high end the uppers are cloth. On top of that most women I know just accept that their dress shoes are horribly uncomfortable.

    I would think on men’s shoes it would be pretty easy to tell Palessi from quality. They’re almost certainly manmade uppers. They may have fake stitching around the outsole, but there is no structural stitching. There probably is no midsole at all; a felt insole is either just inserted or badly glued to the outsole. My guess at that price point would be they don’t even have reinforced eyeholes. You have to cut basically every corner to get to $20. Maybe you could produce something that passes for quality at $100, but I can’t believe it would take more than a few seconds to recognize a $20 mens shoe for what it is.



    This is about as real as those Chevy “Real People” commercials.



    Reminds me of the [quote here]( from u/chashew

    Seems they’d be more coveted if they were.



    Was just talking about this with wifey the other night. They need to rebrand, that name is a liability.



    FYI, Payless’ marketing team have been in overdrive today. There is also a top post on the r/femalefashionadvice forum right now. They have spent a lot of money trying to push this to the top, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s r/HailCorporate material.

    source: work at a marketing agency



    Look, truth is, outside of male fashion advice and good year welt, the biggest deciding factor when it comes to buying shoes is not construction, but appearance. It doesn’t matter if a $40 shoe is cemented, the vast majority of people don’t even re-sole their shoes, ever.

    The thing with payless is that they are fully capable of designing good looking shoes, and considering that people are conditioned to think good looking = expensive, some people would pay a ton for them.



    “If you mark it up, they will buy.”



    I worked on this! I was one of the two sound mixers on the shoot. It was actually really interesting. First off, to address what some people are saying, no none of the people shopping had any idea the shoes were from Payless and all reactions were genuine. I personally was very surprised that most people had very mild reactions. Also I have no idea how the ladies interviewing these people could keep a straight face. Especially when they would ask these dolts if they’d ever heard of the designer. “OH YEAH, I LOVE HIS WORK!” One lady even said she was going to call her mom because she is a “HUUUUUUGE fan!” I was DYING in the backroom.



    I feel like people get fooled by this because they don’t hold high quality pieces in their hands often enough if not ever. It’s easy to be sucked in by the glam of a new store with high “designer” prices if you don’t know any better. Next time you’re in the mall, head over to the high end dept. store and hold a few pairs of good shoes in your hands. They will most likely have MMM GATs or CP Chelsea’s just out on display for you to check out. It helps put in perspective why things cost the amount they do and next time you go to buy something you will know a bit better if you’re getting a proper value or if you’re being ripped off.



    If people payed $600 for them, they aren’t really $20 shoes they’re $600 shoes



    With all the guys talking here, I wonder how many can even recognize the difference between an Allen Edmonds and a shoe like Edward Green if there were zero name markings. Or a more fair comparison like between Crockett and Jones and Gaziano & Girling, there’s still at least $500 in price difference.

    All in all, understand that men’s shoes are easily given more “quality aesthetics” like soles and stitching. High heels wear out so much quicker. The aspects that make a men’s shoe expensive and lady’s are very different.

    However they do agree on 1 thing, the pricier the shoe, the more effort a brand gives to the aesthetics and design. Just compare a YSL high heel to a Payless shoe. Compare a Corthay to an Allen Edmonds.



    Basically what Vetements has always done.



    All it proved to me is that influencers are idiots and can be easily fooled/manipulated!



    >Those that attended the exclusive party paid between $200 and $600 for Payless shoes that typically run up to $40. Payless, as Palessi, sold $3,000 worth of shoes in hours within the opening.

    so they sold like 15 pairs?



    Huh, Payless marketing working overtime. They were the focus of an entire Good Mythical Morning show last week, along these same lines: “You’d never know the difference!”

    Bad news is that it makes management look like they’re incompetent and costing shareholders money.



    Most influencers don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time but I guess that was the point of the experiment?



    This seems less like a proper stunt and more like a well built marketing campaign. Besides the video runs like an ad and not like a large scale stunt. Not only that, but people don’t like to be the butt of jokes, so why would you ever test the waters with an “influencer” who is a custom to being wined and dined. Lastly, I think these types of stunts are in poor taste and have been over used.



    Has anyone here actually bought Payless shoes? I have, and the issue isn’t brand perception, the issue is they fall apart like none other



    sir do you realize that you are not drinking regular coffee you are drinking columbian decaffeinated coffee crystals





    No offense but where can i get a bloody $20 pair of shoes in the states that aren’t used?

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