Perfume: Do you have a signature scent? If so, what is it, and how did you know it was “the one” ?

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    I am sure people go through different stages/phases with their style and taste, so maybe one’s go-to perfume changes over the course of a lifetime.

    I guess I’m just wondering if you’ve found one scent that really speaks to you above all others, at least for now, or is that more of a legendary, holy grail type-of-thing people talk about ….

    What are you personal experiences with fragrance like? Have you found one super special match? Or none? Or many?

    I’m also wondering what people love about their favorite scents.



    I have worn [Vanille Abricot]( by Comptoir Sud Pacifique for years.

    It’s divisive online and a lot people really hate it, but it’s the perfect vanilla for me, just sweet without any powderiness or muskiness. My husband is scent sensitive and it doesn’t bother him at all, so I will have to wear it forever.



    Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Nectar. I bought a faux leather jacket second hand, and the girl it used to belong to used the perfume. I fell in love with it and asked her what it was. It’s 100% out of my price range, so I started hunting for a similar scent but never found it. So I decided to splurge and I’m still in love.



    I got a sample of j’adore Dior when I was in middle school and liked it, so I kept using it. I’m in healthcare now though, so I try to make a conscious effort to not wear any fragrance.

    This will sound weird—but whenever a guy would lean in to kiss me he’d say you smell good and I was like, ok, I guess this is a winner.



    My grandmother always wore Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and I loved the scent. After she passed away my mother and aunt decided to give her remaining perfume to me. I’d always open the bottle to smell it when I missed her or when I wanted to feel better. I struggled for years debating on using it, but finally I decided that it’s better for it to be loved and adored and I cherish wearing the same scent my grandmother did.



    Black Opium by ysl! If you’re more into sweet type of fragrances you’ll love it. Also has a hint of a coffee smell which I feel like fits me well, bit expensive but would recommend!!



    Never had so many compliments on a scent in all my years. I LOVE it and also not too many people are familiar with it so I don’t smell like everyone else. I knew it was the one when a lady stalked me down through an airport security line to tell me she loved it and asked me what it was.



    I rotate between many scents depending on my mood/what bottle is closest, but Cannabis Santal by Fresh is one of my ultimate favorites –and is the only scent in my bag when traveling. It’s long-lasting, not overwhelming, subtle, unisex, a great year-round scent and, best of all, affordable. No Tom Ford prices here!



    Fresh’s Brown Sugar. I love the subtle hints of lemon, almost like a lemon sugar cookie. I don’t really like anything too floral and after looking for a scent for 5 years, I discovered Fresh. All of their products are amazing and they have amazing client services.



    I’m the weirdo wearing Egyptian Goddess oil. (Auric Blends) It was popular among my goth and artsy friends in the 90s when I was in high school, and it just stuck. My mom even wears it now, too. We get compliments so hopefully it smells as good as I’ve always thought it does! Most perfumes just give me a headache.



    Be careful of wearing a “signature scent”. What happens to most/ a lot of people is that they get used to it and can’t smell it anymore, or they get used to it and start applying more and choke everyone around them. I suggest having a “signature selection” instead and rotating.

    That said, I do have a perfume I can call my signature – civet by zoologist ( and zombie by possets). No special story, I just tried a lot of perfume samples and those two are the ones I liked how they smelled on my skin the most, and wanted to wear again and again. Plus, I get compliments on civet from both men and women.

    Before that I liked “not a perfume” – Juliette has a gun and snake oil by bpal.



    I HAVE. And it no longer exists.

    This might change, of course, but hasn’t for over a decade. When I was 13 I stumbled upon BPAL (which was, at the time, a less popular but somewhat well known indie perfume brand). I remember ordering a full bottle of “Aureus” because the description mentioned “perfect golden light” and I thought it would smell good, plus a couple other imps. (Aureus, btw, does not suit me, though it is the unisex sort of scent that in theory I would wear–it’s all ambers and woodsy stuff and maybe myrrh).

    I got a free imp called “Antique Lace”. I remember the exact location where I smelled it for the first time (on the floor of my bedroom, mid-morning, flooded with sunlight) and it kind of seared itself into my idea of what ‘home’ smelled like. And also what light smells like. It was vanilla and sugar and sunlight to me. It also clung to my skin all day.

    But these bottles were too expensive for me and I couldn’t really ask my mom at the time for cash for another bottle, when I already bought and didn’t like one. So I waited. And then I bought a bottle a couple years after. And theeennn. It was discontinued.

    I’ve tried a bunch of dupes, but none of them have the staying power or the sweetness. Oh well. Weirdly still my favourite thing to smell. I imagine it always will be, so it’s not a signature scent of self-expression, but a personal scent for me. My partner likes it, and whenever I wear it a very good friend of mine tells me I smell like a ‘sexy cake’. Which I’m okay with.



    I switch my scent any time I have a big life change. That way, the smell will always remind me of that part of my life.

    In high school it was Daisy by Marc Jacobs, which I found after smelling it in a magazine and trying to rub it on my wrists all the time. I loved it and still do, though I think it smells a bit too sweet for me now.

    Then a Clinique Happy variant in college as well as Yellow Diamond, neither of which I felt really fit. The first was too sugary, and the second was too heavy. (Honestly reflects my life/style in college; I had no sense of who I was, lol.)

    I got a sample of J’adore by Dior my senior year and resolved that I would buy a bottle with my first real-job paycheck. I loved it and wore all throughout my first job. Got a sample in that pack for Dior Blooming Bouquet and bought that with my first paycheck from my next job when I moved. I don’t put it on every day but I love wearing it; it makes me feel so pretty.

    Going around to perfume counters and trying stuff out helped a lot. I do think that it connects with style. I wanted to smell “clean” if that makes sense, and light, not anything too floral or heavy or spicy, even though I love those smells on other people. All of my scents have been ‘fresh’ smelling, sort of like clean laundry, and that reflects how I hope to dress (well-tailored, clean lines, never slouchy/sloppy/baggy).



    DG Light Blue. It fresh and citrusy and I love how it works with my body chemistry. Makes me smell clean and light and I love that its not too overwhelming. I love citrus scents in general and light perfumes and this is perfect.



    I always wanted to be the type of woman who had a signature scent, where I’d walk into a room and people would say “yep, that’s her.” Then I realized that I love perfume A LOT, and there are so many wonderful ones! I think the only perfume I’ve ever bought more than once is Tocca Colette, but I definitely don’t wear it every day and wouldn’t say it’s my “signature scent.”

    Right now I’m wearing Hermes Rhubarb Ecarlate pretty often, with some Chloe Love Story and various Tocca scents thrown in. All summer, my go-to was Atelier Clementine California; I really enjoyed that in the warmer weather. As it gets cooler I’ll wear Clean Reserve Sueded Oud more, as I bought it in fall/winter and like it for that season since it’s a little heavier and warmer.

    Realizing that I don’t have to have only one perfume I love and that I can wear a different one every day if I want to was a bit… freeing, almost. I can change my perfume to match the style or mood I’m feeling that day, and can try a bunch of fun scents in the process.

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