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    I live in Gainesville, FL. It’s hot and rainy all the time. Here’s what jackets I wear on the daily that keep me cool yet dry.


    This is mostly a puff piece on my Rains jacket (in stone [https://www.us.rains.com/collections/rainwear/products/jacket-male?variant=12390654574615](https://www.us.rains.com/collections/rainwear/products/jacket-male?variant=12390654574615)). I tried this on in NYC in the MOMA design store, and thought the Navy one looked great, but ended up going with the lighter color



    * Looks amazing, especially in that color. People just “assume” it’s expensive because of how unique it looks.
    * Cool rubbery look not often seen in the South or in college campuses
    * Very light
    * Had it 2 years now, not any kind of damage yet
    * Beautifully constructed, vent flaps on the back


    * Not as breathable
    * I wear a L in everything, and picked up the M/L size. It’s great, but the sleeves are a little long (I roll them up to show my watch)


    Other backups:

    Patagonia torrentshell (the best for staying cool!)

    * I’m sure there’s reviews on this jacket already, but it seriously is SO great!

    Columbia rain jacket, gators edition ([https://www.fanatics.com/Florida_Gators_Columbia_Collegiate_Roan_Mountain_Jacket__Royal/t-12726314+o-83+d-86445633+f-4973354+z-8-4103541959?utm_medium=cse&cid=FALL25&_s=GPA_CA&sku=11206414&targetid=pla-299684803582&gclid=CjwKCAjwu5veBRBBEiwAFTqDwQDBA1RgqsTy17pLoXRE382nS-Z5G9Hjq1iVHjaVTpt84RJJ_2v19RoCRNUQAvD_BwE](https://www.fanatics.com/Florida_Gators_Columbia_Collegiate_Roan_Mountain_Jacket__Royal/t-12726314+o-83+d-86445633+f-4973354+z-8-4103541959?utm_medium=cse&cid=FALL25&_s=GPA_CA&sku=11206414&targetid=pla-299684803582&gclid=CjwKCAjwu5veBRBBEiwAFTqDwQDBA1RgqsTy17pLoXRE382nS-Z5G9Hjq1iVHjaVTpt84RJJ_2v19RoCRNUQAvD_BwE))




    I’m genuinely surprised to see you advocating for it. I would assume someone living where it rains so hot would want something breathable.

    I love mine, but I wear it more on cool-to-cold rainy days here in Vancouver (0-15C).



    I thought about coming out with a line of rain jackets and umbrellas because my name is also Rains. Apparently, someone with the same name has beaten me to it.



    > People just “assume” it’s expensive because of how unique it looks.

    Uh, for me, $110 is still kinda expensive lmao



    is ‘sage’ a human wtf



    I like that Columbia jacket, give me an FAU instead of UF and it is perfect!



    I have both the Rains jacket (in Navy) and the Patagonia as well. Great combo in my opinion. I generally won’t wear the Rains jacket until it’s around 60 or lower though, because I get hot pretty quickly in mine.

    Only other “Con” of that jacket is that it’s kind of a pain in the ass with a backpack on. At least for me, it was pretty difficult to take my backpack on and off, and when I was walking the rubber would stick to the bag and pull the jacket up. Still love it though.



    do you have fit pics?

    I just ordered an arcteryx. They’re popular where I live but I’m kind of skeptical of the technology. Rubber type fabrics are the only thing that really keeps rain out.



    Highly recommended if you live in a cold rainy climate



    Do Rains fit true to size? I usually wear a M in everything. Not sure if I should go S/M or M/L



    I live in Oregon where the weather gets in the low 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) and it rains a lot. I was thinking of ordering the Patagonia Torrentshell but I also saw that I could get the more affordable Rains jacket. However I hear it’s less breathable than the Patagonia. Is that true? Which should I get?



    Looks just like the one I bought at Target for $35.

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