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    Talk about your random fashion thoughts.



    I’m soooo tired of “online only” items but I know it’s just going to happen more and more until eventually I can only shop online 🙁

    I’ll be honest, I like the instant gratification of bringing the item home that day and being able to wear it immediately. And often I’m shopping for a particular occasion and need the item right away, so I much prefer to be able to go to the mall and pick it up.

    I hate the guessing game for sizing when I order online. I usually end up ordering 2-3 sizes to try on which means I spend a lot of money up front and then have to deal with returns. Sometimes returns aren’t free so I end up going to the mall down the street to return items anyway.

    Even more frustrating! When tall sizes are online only but you can get the regular size in store.

    Pretty much the only store I order online only styles from is American Eagle because they ship quickly and offer free returns. Otherwise, I just don’t even bother. I wish more stores had an option to sort by “available in-store”.



    I conditioned and polished all my leather shoes for the first time ever and they’re so NICE looking now! Also much more comfortable because the leather actually has give. Thoroughly recommend this [leather lotion](http://us.kiwicare.com/products/clean/kiwi-leather-lotion).



    somebody started a topic here about if you lost your wardrobe and got 5000 dollars what staples you would buy. My immediate thought was fuck, no, no way. My favorites were found throughout a long time, I can’t just replace everythign with whichever is in store now (and 5000 is not even that much).

    another random fashion thought, I heard about how washing machines are so different in the USA and Europe, which helps to explain why so many americans complain of clothes having such a short lifetime…



    My current random fashion pet peeve is how in the circle of folks on instagram into mindful wardrobe curation / minimalism / sustainable fashion (basically the bunch of folks I followed from the 10×10 challenge) it’s not “my high-waisted tapered trousers” or “my swing trench” it’s my *harper jacket* and *clyde pants*.

    I get it. It’s shorter. It’s great to be excited that you have a piece you love that you feel good about purchasing and want to share with others who might also want it, but at the same time it becomes so *grating* because it makes me feel like I’m just reading an Elizabeth Suzann / Everlane / Nisolo catalogue. Reduce, reuse, recycle is an ordered list!! It doesn’t seem in the spirit of the thing to me if you got rid of your whole wardrobe and repurchased it from sustainable companies. Although if you were going to do it anyway and for various reasons want/need to buy new then sure, purchasing ethically made stuff is ideal and we should definitely support companies with better manufacturing practices, but idk. It’s a complicated pet peeve feeling.

    I think a solution to this is that I need to follow a wider variety of people who are into different styles and mindful outfit styling and purchasing generally not just obsessed with the same three brands. If you follow a lot of fashion accounts on instagram, what’s your strategy for curating your following list? I think going off the “see who people you follow are following” method is probably how I managed to get into such a bubble :/



    Did anyone else find that doing some version of Konmari/declutter/simplifying led them to using their higher-end purchases more often and more comfortably? I used to “save” my cashmere sweaters or expensive dresses for special occasions or for things where I knew there would be a lot of photos and then I would get home and immediately change out of it. This led to me wearing dresses I LOVED like once a year because I had a closet full of fast fashion items that I didn’t really like but I felt like that I had to wear them for mundane life in order to preserve the nice clothes. Same goes for candles, fancy lipstick, dishes, etc.

    It wasn’t like I only had one “fancy” dress that I absolutely had to save or anything like that because a good portion of my closet was full of items like this. I will say this was all happening during a transition from a pretty cheap college wardrobe to one that I am hoping will last me for the long-term so it’s really helped me embrace the *new me*. Anyway, it feels good to be rocking cashmere to my lame office job and getting lots of use out of my favorite pieces.









    Another random thought: I went through some body changes last year that allowed me to explore the loose/loose silhouette. After about a year of trying it out, I realize it’s not for me. But in the intervening time I lost some weight and I now have no idea what my measurements are and what “fitted” even looks like on me anymore. I keep ordering stuff in what I think is my size and having to send it back again and again :/ The solution is obviously measure again but that’s too *obvious.*



    I’m very interested to see where the maximalist trend goes. The minimalist trend wasn’t just a fashion trend, but a full-blown lifestyle trend, so it will be interesting to see if maximalist goes in that direction as well. However, I think minimalism is popular because of ethical/environmental/financial reasons, not just because it is trendy.



    change my view: dry cleaners are a scam

    I wear a lot of so-called ‘dry-clean only’ fabrics (wool, cashmere, silk, linen) and almost never bring them to a dry cleaner: mostly wash on the gentle cycle and hang to dry, though with wool and cashmere I’ll hand-wash (which is not necessary to do as often bc my silk and linen gets worn a lot in in the summer = so sweaty) and lay to dry. However, on the very few occasions I’ve gotten a stain on something I can’t seem to get out, I take it to the cleaners. And then, almost inevitably, the cleaner will give it back to me with the stain still on it with a note that says “sorry we couldn’t get this out.” gah! what are you good for‽ I’m not going to pay you >$5 for a shirt for which you couldn’t remove the stain!



    I’m so excited/stressed about the IDLF Uniqlo collab going live tomorrow. There are SO MANY cute things, but they’re all a bit more expensive than I remembered and I’m mildly stressed about it. How fast do these collections tend to sell out? Do they get restocked?



    Finally, I can use my fanny pack. I bought one two years ago, but I wore it once and my friend asked me if it was the 90s. I just don’t often wear purses, and I hate holding clutches. I usually main a backpack, but there’s something way easier to unzip something around your waist or across your chest and grabbing what you need.

    Went to a gaming tournament over the weekend, and there were so many fanny packs omg. And they looked so stylish. They’re not just making a comeback. They are coming back for revenge of whoever put them out of style in the first place.

    I hate that they’re called “fanny packs” though. I have an adidas one, but I kind of want the champion one. So conflicted.



    Transitioning into fall and I feel like I start getting really lazy with my outfits. Every single outfit for the past week has been jeans with a button down. How do people vary their fall outfits?



    Just installed Stylebook and am so glad I did this *after* Konmari-ing most of my wardrobe away. Now I just have to figure out a good place to take photos. Any general tips from those of you who have put your wardrobe into an app?



    I am so used to wearing neutrals in my outfits, or at least some black. But today I felt inspired by @colormecourtney and her colourful outfits and wore pink pants with a bluish grey top. I do like it, and I believe as long as I love something I can pull it off, but it does feel unusual. Still I’m happy I tried something different. Sometimes it’s fun having an unpredictable outfit you won’t see on other people.



    I rewatched Phantom of the Opera (2004) last night and noticed that Raoul, Meg, and the [Phantom were all wearing floofy white shirts](https://i.imgur.com/lLjxpGI.jpg) at some point and now I really want one. Even though I am generally anti frilly white things lol.



    Are shoulder bags A Thing again? It seemed like it was mostly crossbody bags or bags you hold in the crook of your elbow (or a combo) for a while, but I feel like I’m seeing shoulder bags creep back in lately.

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