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    Hi guys, long time lurker here. I’ve slowly been elevating my wardrobe primarily focusing on getting away from loose jeans and printed tees and overall paying more attention to cut and fit. Lately I’ve been turning my focus to shoes, an aspect I’ve severely neglected in my youth. For example, I exclusively wore high top Chuck Taylors for literally 8 years. I’ve made some progress since then (having more than a single pair of shoes counts right?) but I don’t have any boots, aside from rain boots. I’m thinking a pair of casual/semi dressy boots would be a versatile addition that would go well with my chinos. Something like Steve Madden Jabber or Joyce ankle boots in dark brown or dark tan.

    That’s the style I’m going for but the harder part for me is which ones. When I was younger I arbitrarily decided I hated boots (I realize chucks are basically boots, I was young and stupid) and stayed away from them so now warming up to them I feel like I know nothing or what good is. Personally I care less about brand and label vs quality, comfort, and bang for buck. I’m a grad student so I do a fair amount of walking and I’m flat footed so I’ll probably want to put in a thin arch support insert so that underscores the importance of comfort. For budget I wont want to spend more then $150. What do you recommend?



    I would go beckett Simonon 2nds or the thursday boot chukka for new shoes. Or look though ebay for used meermins, allen edmonds, grensons, etc.



    Service boots (the style) are a good style for being both casual and dressy. I won’t recommend the ones I have because I’m currently fighting with them to break them in.

    I’ve had good luck with Clark’s shoes being comfortable from the beginning. I haven’t tried their boots.



    Clarks might be a good place to start. Reasonable prices and good quality for the price – won’t break your budget.



    Red Wing Heritage ( Iron Rangers were my choice but you can’t go wrong with Docs either.



    I recently bought some Clark’s Chelsea boots off Amazon. Only $70, pretty good support (also have high arches), and just all-round solid color options




    I’ve had good experiences with the Clarks Broyd Mid boot. I usually wear a size 8 (UK) shoe but read on multiple forums that the fit would be better if you size down. The advice worked out perfectly – I got myself a size 7 (UK) and it fits well and is really comfortable.



    A pair of Doc marten 1460s will last you a life time if you look after them. Not sure if they offer the same in the states, but in the UK they offer a boot for life service where once your sole is too busted you can send them off to be resoled for free, or if your boots are too far gone they will replace them



    Iron Ranger , Beckman, or Blacksmith seconds, I’ve got AE Higgins Mill, Liverpool’s, and Stirlings which are nice too, but i prefer the comfort of the Blacksmiths.



    The Steve Madden Jabbers in dark brown are on my feet as I am typing this. Got them on Amazon for $70ish.

    Pros: they look GREAT. I get compliments every time i wear them.

    Cons: theyre not uncomfortable, but i i don’t recommend wearing them for a long day on your feet. They also are made of cheaper Genuine Leather. Had mine for about 2 months and I can already tell theyll have to be replaced before winter is over.

    Just got them as a stop gap before shelling out the money for some Iron Rangers.



    New Republic makes some decent cheap Chelsea boots that you might check out.



    Chuck Taylor’s are actually like the ankle boots of shoes. They also are one of the best shoes to pair with denim jeans. But boots are a little different. I think the most important this is that boots are generally sleek and smooth so they pair best with slimmer fitting jeans



    I bought a pair of wolverine 10k cap toe boots from Nordstrom Rack for not much. They’ve been really great and I don’t see anyone else mentioning them

    They get complimented so they’re probably stylish but most importantly they are comfortable and ethically made !



    I picked up the Cole Haan Ripley Grand Chukka last weekend. Great shoe. I’m in NYC and have had no problems walking around in them for a week. Got them for $140 at Macy’s

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