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    I saw [these shoes]( last week and fell in love with them, but I couldn’t talk myself into dropping $180 on red shoes. My grasp of current fashions is tenuous at best, but I feel like red shoes wouldn’t go with enough outfits to justify the cost.

    But I can’t stop thinking about them, they are exactly my cup of tea. I find myself looking at my clothes and thinking, “That sweater would look great with those red shoes.”

    What do you fashionable ladies think? Would you wear them? What would you wear them with? How often do you feel like you could get away with wearing them before it got weird?



    I love wearing all neutral colors and then a pair of red shoes. Dressy or casual.



    I have a pair of bright red flats and love them. I wear them all the time personally. If you plan on buying some fall/winter clothes you could buy them with the shoes in mind. That’s kind of how I’ve learned to operate.



    Omg I love those! My closet is full of blacks and grays and a pop of red (like this, muted not like a fire engine red!), would be so fun and change things up! You’ve inspired me!



    If you have walked away from the purchase and you feel like you’ve lost something just go back and get it.
    Then buy a matching bag/tote/purse or whatever you carry and you can go from there pairing it with different outfit ideas.
    You’re opening up a new aspect of your personal brand. 😊



    I don’t know if I qualify as “fashionable”, but I wear my red shoes more than black or brown even. They seem to compliment everything



    I LOVE red shoes! I own a pair of suede pointed red flats. They make casual outfits a lot dressier, can hep add color to monochromatic outfits, and make me look sassy while remaining comfortable



    You need to get yourself the shoes. I love shoes and have a few pairs of red ones. Almost every time I wear a pair of red ones, I get a compliment. Red shoes are fun.



    I just bought a pair of cherry red Dr. Martens boots. I had to do it, and I look forward to all the wonderful hours of wear ahead of me. So, you have my support. 🙂



    They look very wearable to me! Go for it.



    [If it’s good enough for Bowie, it’s good enough for me](



    What brand is it?



    I have big feet that I’m pretty self conscious of and though I love the look of red shoes, they usually end up sitting in my closet. Except in the case of sandals or heels. Red shoes and boots look like clown shoes on me and I just can’t get it out of my head that my feet look GIANT. So I try them on and then wear something else. That said, I think red shoes are some sort of magic that works both as a neutral and as a color pop at the same time. If you don’t have clown-feet anxiety, I say go for it!



    i wouldnt even call those red. Just get them!



    So, I’m usually a pretty muted shoe person, sticking to tan and black everything. But I got red/cognac boots for this winter and I won’t look back. They’re so fun! And red is honestly a statement color that goes with most muted and neutral colors wonderfully. I’m planning on getting red heels for my wedding so I can have more red shoes at my disposal !!



    Those are so ugly, but if you love them get them. You can wear them with any outfit that matches- no matter how many days a week.




    These shoes are a muted clay red, so I feel like they would go with many outfits with brown, tan, cream, white, yellow, orange, blue, and green colors.

    What colors do you usually wear? What color is the jacket you wear this time of year?



    I have a few pairs of red heels and like you, I initially thought “these are nice but…yeah, they won’t match” but they pair really well! I like that they accent outfits.

    I will say that I do feel a little weird wearing them but the further I am from the house and more I look at them, the more comfortable I feel in them.



    I feel like everyone needs a pair of red shoes! Anytime you get dressed and think, “This is OK, but it needs…. something” try on your red shoes. You’ll be surprised how often you wear them! When I worked N an office I wore red shoes probably 2-3 times a month.



    Earth tone red with brown accents–its a perfect combo. You can wear them with a tan or brown purse and any earth-tone clothing as an accent color, especially muted gold like fall leaves. Definitely get the boots if they are well-made, comfortable, and you will wear them enough to merit the cost.



    That’s how I always shop. If I see something and like it, I wait. If I can’t stop thinking about it, that’s when I buy it. It helps me not regret my purchases.



    Red shoes are some of my most worn shoes, especially in the spring and summer! It really depends on the color palette of your wardrobe and how you feel a splash of red would fit in. Personally, I find it to be a lovely addition to many neutral outfits.



    My boyfriend dresses really well and he wears red shoes almost everyday! His wardrobe is mostly blacks, greys and blue and they contrast really well!

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