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    Hello, everyone!

    Sorry if I’m not posting in the correct place but I’m seeking your advice on how to find a jacket similar to this one. My husband has been wearing this jacket for over 7-8 years. He loves it and now that he has grown out of it (his shoulders are a bit too broad now), he wants another one some day. I want to buy him one before the holidays as a simple “I love you” gift.

    I tried looking at Levi’s, which was where the original jacket was from, but none of their recent jackets look similar to it. From the style, I can only assume it is a field/military type jacket but looking at what’s available, everything looks paper thin rather than it being lined.

    If it helps, the jacket tag says the shell is cotton while the body lining, sleeve lining, and filler are polyester. I’m seeking your help as you’re all more experienced and have more fashion sense than I would. Price is not an issue and I live in the US, if that helps.

    [Here are the photos of his jacket.](

    Thank you!




    Hi – you may try looking through this as a guide:




    Levi’s still makes a very similar jacket (no hood or epaulets though.)

    I just picked it up at Costco.

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    That’s a nice jacket. I can see why he likes it. Barbour has a couple that look a lot like that (both waxed and unwaxed). Also, Members Only. Be aware that Barbour’s sizing is generally very small (imo) especially around the shoulders and somewhat the stomach.



    I have that jacket! Or at least the modern version. It doesn’t have the zipper on the collar but it’s almost identical.

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