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    Hi everyone. I have to admit, I’m not into fashion. Most of the times, I wear sweat pants and a t-shirt, and shoes fit for training. But I keep running into the same problems when trying to find certain clothes, and I’m growing really tired of it. Lately, I’ve had to buy a winter jacket to keep me warm even at -40. I’ve got one, but I’ve had to buy it two sizes bigger because it wouldn’t fit around my back otherwise. Even with two sizes larger, it’s tight around the back and I can barely bend my arms, yet the jacket almost goes to my knees.


    I’ve had the same problem for getting a rain jacket, and my girlfriend was pretty upset that I spent a lot of money for a good rain jacket that wouldn’t fit. And obviously, if I wear suits, I get them made by a tailor.


    My exact question is: where can I find that kind of jacket (rain, winter) that would possibly suit me? I took my measurements, and I’m 5’5″, with 44″ chest, 29″ waist, and my shoulders are 23″ across. Since I don’t think winter jackets and rain jackets can be easily tailored after buying them without losing their important properties, does anyone know of places where I can get jackets wide enough around the chest, shoulders and arms but that doesn’t go down to my knees?


    Thanks. At this point, it’s more of a functional matter than a fashion one, really. But I figure if anything exists, someone on here might know?



    Edit: Just wanted to thank everyone who replied. I now have a better idea of what kinds of options are available. It will be useful for the future.



    I would suggest getting “everything” tailored.




    Check out the sizing on that. I’m thinking a Large might work for you, assuming that the garment measurement of a 50 chest measures 25 across when laid flat, would work for a 23 inch shoulder. A 32in length center back might be mid-thigh, depending on your personal torso/leg length.

    If anything, a conversation with the owner, Ralph, wouldn’t hurt to see what he thinks about your predicament. I don’t know how well it would do in -40, but like anything at that temp, base layers are key. There is also a video of him submersing himself in a river in the dead of winter in the coat. I’ll let you check it out if you like:


    Full disclosure, I haven’t bought anything from them yet. I plan too, but saving up for a coat like that takes some time.



    Sterling wear makes peacoats that are available in short sizes. Peter Manning field jacket probably won’t work in your situation.

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