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    Revisiting Fall Favorites: Peacoats



    I bought [THIS]( LL Bean / Sterlingwear of Boston collab a few years ago. Sterllingwear of Boston is a pea coat supplier to the US Navy. It’s a very solid coat and I don’t anticipate ever having to replace it. Their site looks to be under construction currently but you can still buy directly from the source.

    Edit: IIRC Sterlingwear could be the better source because I think they have more exact sizing instead of standard S/M/L.



    **Revisiting Fall Favorites: Peacoats**

    This week comes from /u/Omniscient_Retelling’s suggestion from the [last Revisiting Fall Favorites thread](

    Peacoats are certainly also a winter jacket however not a lot of the photos in the album showcase peacoats in a winter setting.


    For anyone looking to read more about peacoats please read [Pea coat guide V 1.0]( (Full credit to original author/please read full post)

    > The pea coat you see in retail stores owes it’s popularity, history, and stylization to it’s function in the navy. It has been the standard issued jacket for quite some time. Originally designed to be warm, water resistant, and mobile. It is a shorter double breasted jacket meant to allow easily movement for climbing up rigging. It has a collar that can be turned up when the weather gets rough. The standard pea coat is always navy’s “Blue 3346”, which looks very close to black, and is made from medium to heavy wool. The navy has used pilot cloth (pre kersey), kersey wool (pre 1979) as well as melton wool (currently in use). The weight of the wool can vary from anywhere between 22oz to 32oz. In general the heavier wool you get the heavier and warmer the jacket will be. However, a heavy fabric weight can also make the cut more boxy. Many fashion forward people look towards this jacket more for it’s shape than for it’s warmth, so no one fabric weight is universally best. Decide carefully how much shape and warmth matters to you. Of course, tailoring a pea coat can alter it’s shape, so you can have both a warm coat and a figure fitting one all in one.

    **Buying recommendations**

    Feel free to list your favorite peacoats or those that you would recommend for others.

    **Other Resources**

    More [Peacoat inspiration]( – [Post]( by CreamyIrish

    [Putthison There’s Nothing More Classic Than A Pea Coat](

    [Styleforum peacoat thread](



    **What fall favorite would you like to see next?**

    Does not have to be something done before.



    What’s everyone’s opinion on best color for peacoats?

    Navy blue, Grey, or Black?



    Copped a Scott like 3 years ago. It’s a beastly coat.



    Love the Billy Reid “Bond” peacoat. Although it has no lining but it’s very durable and has high quality buttons and great leather accents. It’s even better when you can find it on sale.



    Should a classic pea coat have 4 rows of buttons(3 shown when collar is put down) or 5 rows of buttons(4 shown when collar is put down)? Or are they both accurate?



    i bought a peacoat for $30 from an army/navy surplus store in 1999. in 2004 i donated it to goodwill, because i thought it wasn’t stylish anymore. i still kick myself every year when the weather turns cold. i feel like that could’ve been something i handed down to one of my sons.



    I had a perfect blue peacoat about 8 years ago and wore the shit out of it but grew out of it and never replaced it, definitely something i should go back to



    My favorite peacoat pic is of [Jason Jules](
    I don’t wear my peacoat very often anymore. I reach for my duffle coat or waxed cotton jacket most days. I still like the look; it seems like there’s a growing segment who really dislikes peacoats. I still think they’re a fine, safe classic but there are better options out there. Wearing peacoat with the collar turned up on a cold day is a pretty cozy feeling.



    Here’s my dilemma. I own a Burberry London Peacoat (gift from mom; I would never spend more than 500 on any article of clothing), but I don’t like how it fits in the waist (I have a 41″ chest and a 30″ waist). Is this normal to have extra room in the waist? Is it how the fit should look? Or should I get it altered to have a slimmer waist? I personally like things fitted, even if the style calls for boxy/baggy.

    Also, while I hate popped collars on polos (I hate polos in general tbh; all New England style is heinous to me), but I really like how it looks on peacoats. Is this a faux pas or is it acceptable?



    Am I wrong? Sterlingwear looks like it has shut down its site, haven’t been to Boston to check on the factory, but I’m starting to wonder whether it’s going under…



    I think this means we need a Your Favorite _____ for $_______ for Peacoats



    I used to like peacoats, but know I can’t get over the big-ass cheap-looking plastic buttons in front of most of those jackets, for me it ruins an entire outfit.

    That and the fact that contrary to popular belief I think that it’s damn hard to incorporate a peacoat in an outfit without ending looking like a freshwater sailor.

    Edit : well well seems like my french got the better of me, “freshwater sailor” is actually a litteral translation from french “marin d’eau douce”, a silly insult commonly used by [Capitain Haddock in Tintin](, which would refer to a not so hard-looking man playing tough.



    I love my peacoat. My go to as soon as the temp starts dropping (assuming a dry day outside)

    EDIT: On my comp now so I can post a link to it.




    I bought a vintage peacoat form the mid 60’s and I like it very much. It fits big int he chest and shoulders, so sizing down is definitely an option for a slimmer fit. Can’t say I really care but I may ask my tailor to narrow it down form the central seam in the upper back if it starts to bother me.



    i’m not sure why jcrew discontinued their [wallace and barnes skiff jacket](,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=.1,0,0,0&wid=636&hei=636) (it’s been 2-3 years now?), which to me was a nice alternative to the peacoat. different enough aesthetically but pretty similar style overall.



    I was in special warfare side at Great Lakes and we would drive over to the RCT side to run the track and swim at the pool. On the way we would see the boot kids marching all wrapped up and our instructors would call them terrorist lol. We had to wear the woodland camp so the peacoat was out of uniform technically/: super cold too I was there August 2010- March 11



    I’m just gonna say it, I think peacoats suck. Of course my only experience comes from the one the Navy issued me but I have always found them way too bulky for not enough warmth. Also, as a current college student the thought of where I would store one after I got to class is enough to never try wearing it. Seriously, it just folds in half and then you basically have a fat wool blanket your trying to stow somewhere or tuck on the back of a chair? Yeah right. Also, too stiff to wear most other places comfortably, also feel I often want to layer other stuff with it to be actually warm. For something that bulky I don’t want to layer shit. So yeah, not worth it to me. But just my opinion. Heck there’s even a Stoney peacoat I’ve been looking at on Grailed that might alleviate some of these problems by incorporating more synthetics to make it more stowable.



    That one with the stripes tho….



    Getting a peacoat was really my gateway drug into dressing better. I don’t wear them as much as I used to, my Barbour is really my main coldweather jacket, but it’s nice to look back on.



    Old Navy has one for $60 after coupon… Worth it? It’d be my first one



    [and who can forget] (

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