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    Revisiting Rugby Shirts



    I’m kinda glad Rugby shirts are getting popular now, I always loved how they looked but it was pretty hard to find them



    this is a wicked article. i actually wore rugby shirts for rugby but now i’m thinking they might look good with my ripped skinny jeans and yeezy trainers wicked haha



    I just bought [this rugby]( from Columbiaknit two weeks ago. I sized down from XL to L, and though the sleeves are a tad short, I really like the fit and the colors. It’s also heavy cotton and will do well on crisp days.

    Most importantly though, the Columbiaknit rugbys ($68) are the exact same as the ones that Drake’s is selling for $275. If you go on Drake’s site, you’ll see the ones they are selling are from Portland, Oregon, the location of Columbiaknit. Both also feature the dropped shoulder, rubber buttons, and same collar. Just a heads up.



    I wore these all through the 90’s (much like the before picture in the article) and still have a couple. This is part of the 90’s throwback I can get behind.



    I just wear my school rugby top. No one can really tell.



    My polo rugby’s are all still getting use. Been looking for a nice woven one



    I’d like to wear them they look pretty cool but unfortunately I forever associate them with Chrischan.



    I love rugby shirts. The old PRL ones with the heavy fabric and fleece-lined interior are so damn comfy. Basically a sweatshirt with a collar.



    I got one from Gant Rugger. Never was my style. But I like the idea.

    Also love Rugby inspo is great for us T H I C C bois.



    I jumped on board the Benetton craze in the 80s, my mom would always ruin them eventually (either bleaching or turning them pink) and don’t think I’ve had an interest in rugby shirts ever since. They wouldn’t really work/look good in my current wardrobe.



    This is the first I ever hear of Columbia Knit. They have nice looking MiUSA “seconds” quality Rugbys with ” 10 – 10 1/2 ounce cotton jersey knitted in Oregon ” for less than $25.

    First quality for less than $70. Any feedback on their t-shirts and hoodies?



    I never felt comfortable in them. They look nice on there though.



    Ah, local context.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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