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    We’ve had another royal wedding over in the UK, and while as a card carrying anti royalist I disapprove of the cost to the public purse, I do like looking at fancy people in fancy outfits.

    Winners for me:
    Cara Delevigne – that suit is fire

    Fergie – props for avoiding mother of the bride pastels

    Pippa – love that emerald colour

    Less keen
    Beatrice- love the colour but something about the shape of the skirt in particular looks really aging to me

    Prince George – when are they going to stop dressing that boy like the ghost of a child who died in the blitz?

    I’m in two minds about the wedding dress – it initially struck me as frumpy, but I actually like the skirt and the back. I think it’s the sleeves I’m not a fan of.



    Sorry another one from me – this has made me think that Eugenie and Beatrice just wear really badly cut clothes judging by how good Eugenie looked today in her tailored gown. And that is backed up by Beatrice’s outfit that looks like it should be on a 50 year old rather than a young princess!



    I though Eugenie’s dress was stunning, very classic and suited her figure wonderfully. Her tiara was stunning and whoever did her makeup deserves a medal, she’s glowing very prettily but doesn’t look overdone at all. I very much like the back as well and the neckline is young and flattering.



    I adored the dress and that tiara…. the pop of green really brought out the green in her eyes. Simply beautiful.



    I think Eugenie looks like the Disney Sleeping Beauty – something about the shoulders and the tiara.



    That neckline on her dress is beautiful. I also love the subtle detailing on the dress too. You can see it up close and it’s stunning. Not too fond of the sleeves, though.



    I loved that she showed her scoliosis scar. As someone who had the same surgery it’s very inspiring.



    Cara- eh the top hat and toothpick took it way too costume-y for me. I know hats are a Thing for royal weddings and that a overly feminine one might have clashed with the suit, but none of the men were wearing tophats. Part of me thinks it was mostly to hide her currently awkward hair.

    Agree that the actual suit looks amazing on her tho.



    I adore the back of Eugenie’s dress I think it’s really stunning!

    Is it just me though or is the fabric like so heavy?

    I understand it’s a formal wedding and it’s autumn but it seems very weighty for me. Meghan’s dress was like this for me as well just like unnecessary fabric.

    This might be done so the cuts aren’t as close/form fitting so I sympathize but I’d love to see a lighter dress once in a while! Just my personal preference



    Sarah looks great! Green is her color.
    Not understanding what that big voluminous pink dress/wrap was in the first pic.



    My Mum said that Sarah’s hat “reminded her of that Quidditch ball”.



    I don’t understand how Beatrice looks eternally frumpy. She literally had the entire world of outfits and stylists to choose from.



    Royal boys aren’t allowed to wear long pants until a certain age, I think it’s seen as improper? Not that that’s an excuse for the ghost child appearance.



    Call me too girly, but I liked Holly Candy’s ensemble, too…





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