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    s.k. manor hill Fall/Winter 2018



    Pre-emptive PSA: This is simply one seasonal collection from one designer. To newcomers to MFA, this is not MFA saying how you should dress. If you are interested in what to do with runway shows (lookbooks/collections/etc) you can read this [COTW](https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/7bempz/what_do_i_do_with_fashion_lookbooks/dphelyf/)

    Being exposed to a different corner of the fashion internet is a good thing, even if it seems scary or weird or outside of what you’re comfortable with. The great thing is these are just pictures and so if you don’t want to dress this way or buy these items then you dont have to. No one is forcing you to like these things and it is okay to dislike them. Please bear in mind Comment rules still apply, so play nice.

    However even with all that said if you still dislike these posts, guess what? You can filter them out when browsing!

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    It looks funky



    I really like [this one](https://i.imgur.com/RpB60r0.jpg). When I saw it my brain just assumed that he had some really funky proportions. Like a good optical illusion, I guess. That’s neat! I also it dig the composition that these models create together. I mean, it is funky and I wouldn’t wear a lot of this stuff myself, but it feels more like art than fashion somehow.



    From the s.k. manor hill about page

    > s.k. manor hill’s designs are inspired by vintage garments and classic silhouettes from around the world. Conscientious construction and attention to detail are key in each piece of apparel. All items are made in New York City of 100% natural fiber fabrics sourced from Europe and Japan. s.k. manor hill creates clothing for those who have a deep appreciation of meticulous craftsmanship, timeless design, and long lasting quality.

    > Designer Dominic Sondag studied fashion design in Florence, Italy after receiving a degree in Graphic Design in his hometown of San Francisco, California. Living in Florence’s rich artisanal culture, Sondag was inspired by Italians’ appreciation of fashion, art, history, and craft. Sondag initiated his fashion design career in Europe, working on the design team at London’s Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop. In 2012, he relocated to New York City to work with Engineered Garments’ production and design/development teams. His interaction with designer Daiki Suzuki enhanced his knowledge of and appreciation for vintage clothing. Sondag currently works for one of New York City’s premier clothing factories, where he developed and launched his first collection, SS16

    From Complex’s slept on NYC brands

    > If you’re catching Engineered Garments-tinged feelings when running through an s.k. manor hill lookbook, then you’re on the right track—designer Dominic Sondag worked with the production and design teams over at Daiki Suzuki’s NYC-based label. Under Suzuki at Engineered Garments, Sondag was able to develop a renewed appreciation for vintage clothing and craftsmanship. It’s a methodology that’s translated directly into his first collection, combining global travel with a formal-meets-casual versatility. But, it’s not just a shared philosophy that s.k. manor hill has in common with Engineered Garments; Sondag also produces his collection in the city’s storied Garment District, resulting in a level of quality that’s associated with top-notch New York production.

    > As a younger brand (the label made its debut in the Spring/Summer 2016 season), s.k. manor hill is definitely on the smaller scale and still not super easy to find. But don’t let a lack of information fool you: This is a brand that will have reformed streetwear fiends and menswear nostalgists alike chomping at the bit for more in the years to come.



    So just a bunch of stuff that is too big. Got it.



    Looks nice, but not for me.

    Lots of big, BIG, **BIG** pants here.



    My dude has a fanny pack on his *chest*



    Please dont let baggy and fanny packs become a thing again



    From the thumbnail i thought it was a Jedi lol.

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