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    I was inspired by u/rkgk13’s recent inspiration album and wanted to do a similar one from one of my favorite classics. Something I miss about retro anime is the prevalence of more than *one* outfit per character per show. Sailor Moon is one of the few that satisfies that itch.


    [Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon](


    Comfy, layered pastels accompanied by a dash of bright color.


    [Minako Aino: Sailor Venus](


    Bright, primary colors, and her signature red ribbon.


    [Makoto Kino: Sailor Jupiter](


    Primarily yellow and green, tomboy chic. A mix bag of sleek and over sized silhouettes.


    [Ami Mizuno: Sailor Mercury](


    Prim, and proper. Classically feminine, in soft shades.


    [Rei Hino: Sailor Mars](


    Deeper, and dustier shades of blue, red, and yellow. Elegant accessories, and a more mature style than the other sailors.





    I love this! 90s anime outfits were so 👌🏽



    Sometimes I wish I could have multiple closets so I can just arrange all the different styles of clothing I like. Pastel would definitely be a whole closet.



    I LOVE all the pastels in Usagi Tsukino. Would you put the pics separately in an album but not just in one giant pic?



    Yes! My absolute favorite style! I’ve always envied people who have a full wardrobe like this.



    I love your image format!! How did you make it and can we adopt it for all inspo sneak-peeks?



    I love this!! I found a similar gold dragon choker from PrettyLittleThing. Shame it’s sold out 😭



    These are lovely! I love Sailor Moon and I agree – there is a really nicely defined “wardrobe” for each character. I liked how Rei/Mars always had a slightly more mature and stylish look (exactly how her character wants to be seen) while Usagi’s was always a little bit childish (exactly how her character actually is). I always loved Mako’s character and I’ve come to appreciate her style as well.



    This is awesome! I’ve been seeing a lot of cute outfits from the original manga ^((I really need to stop listening to vapourwave on youtube…)) so it’s really cool to see the IRL versions of these!



    This is great! Are you going to do the outer senshi as well?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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