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    Sartorial Talks – Is the Suit Dead



    For anyone who doesn’t watch the video, or can’t:

    The main point of the video is to definitively say “No” but how suits exist is changing, and perhaps changing for the better. A major topic of interest IMO is that he talks about how suits of the past were never a “choice” they were an obligation; as they are phased out of being obligation they instead become a choice, and therefore, a means of self expression and fashion.



    Shits completely based on profession.

    Sure business casual is more prevalent in office settings but a lot of careers require wearing a suit often



    As anyone who has been to Tokyo/Japan can tell you, the answer is absolutely “no” here. If you work for a Japanese company, almost everyone will wear a suit every single day, despite the weather. Most guys won’t even take their jackets off on the train midsummer.



    Spoiler alert: No

    Misc: Please make note of this man’s lapel width.



    If you work in a client-facing industry, suits are your uniform. In financial districts and courthouses for example, it’s pretty much all you see.

    I work as a chemist in BioTech, so I do not meet with clients or want to risk destroying my nicer clothes. For this reason, I wear fitted jeans, henleys, and cheaper sweaters/shirts to work with fashion sneakers. All my limited sneakers, leather shoes, and dressier attire is for weekends and after work only. I still almost never wear a suit though; it honestly does not feel like me (I like athleisure, streetwear and so elements of classic menswear like boots, sweaters, and jacket/coats). TBH, I associate suits with pretentiousness, privilege, and being too serious. They are uncomfortable and often look terrible if the fit is even slightly off.



    Le costume est mort, vive le costume



    In my country I tend to cheap out and just wear a long sleeved batik shirt to official events rather than look out of place in a suit. Even weddings and AGMs.



    Reminder of [Betteridge’s Law of Headlines](

    “any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no.’ The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullshit, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.”






    From a personal standpoint: I sure hope not.
    From culture perspective based on my area of the US: Never.

    I’m a bit biased since I’m into suit separates/ties/pocket squares/etc. so I honestly don’t mind wearing them. I really think it exudes professionalism, especially working as a contractor and interacting with clients who are active duty military officers that are typically in Class A’s/Class B’s.

    As far as the area where I live, the culture here is VERY tied into suits with a lot of the professions here intersecting, be it for support purposes or contracting. Be it tradition or showmanship, suits are absolutely here to stay for the next few decades, especially in my profession. Even if some contract companies/environments dictate basic dress code as “Shirt and slacks”, no one will look at you cross-eyed for sporting a suit, especially female clients.



    I’ll die first before suit is dead.

    It has outlived all my ancestors, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the exception.



    Let’s hope so.



    I hope so, and maybe their demise coming – the sooner they go the way of the periwig and knee britches the better

    I suspect that right now in most European cultures, they are teetering on the brink of irrelevance and are acting mostly in a ‘gatekeeper’ role – dividing people into U and non-U categories of those who understand them and wear them ‘well’ and those who wear them twice or thrice a year from necessity



    Wow, he looks like old Richard Greco.

    And no, the suit is not dead at all.

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