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    Scarves Inspiration Album




    Also known as: “if you want to look good in a scarf you have to wear it in a way that it doesn’t actually protect your neck from cold”

    Fashion is cruel



    Scarves are suuuuper underrated and most men I know are not fond of wearing bright or colorful ones because of how it is usually associated with femininity. Beanies and toques are underrated as well.



    Great album! More mature outfits overall, which is nice.



    I can’t get enough of scarves once the temperature drops enough, love seeing an album highlighting them again.

    Also never realized how badly I need a tweed jacket/blazer in my life. Any ideas if I should buy from retail, thrift for it, or what specifically/what brands to take a look at?



    Link is dead for me.



    Some great looks in there. I’d have been disappointed if you didn’t include the Lenny Kravtiz scarf. I’m sure you could support all of Wales for a year with the amount of wool it took to make that thing.



    Who’s the dreamboat in Pic #19?
    Ooozing sex appeal and hotness 4 sure.



    Now THIS is the content I subscribe for.

    Sweater weather is better weather.



    I love scarves but only wear them as a utilitarian item. As much as I love the aesthetics of #5, wearing a scarf over a turtleneck is up there with going sockless in February when it’s 10 degrees outside. You’ve got on a thick sweater, massive parka, and a wool beanie…but we’ll go sockless to round out the outfit.



    []( Any id on this scarf?



    I was getting worried by the lack of Tom Baker. You came through OP.



    Could anyone ID the blue jacket in picture 63?

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    Scarves look great, but how am I supposed to keep my cheeks warm if I wrap the scarf around my neck? Genuinely asking because cold cheeks are my least favorite thing about winter, probably.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

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