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    Hi all!

    Long-time lurker, but first time poster. I’ve been having some trouble finding shoes for my size 5 feet. I really want to get some cute ankle boots, but most places only seem to go down to 5.5. Also tried looking in the kids’ sections, but those tend to have either rhinestones, or glitter, etc.

    Anyone know where to get some nice shoes that are in the <$100 range for smaller feet?


    Edit: Thank you so much to everyone who gave suggestions!!! I think I’ll be going with the [Sam Edelman Petty boots](, as they’re on sale at the moment 🙂 Looking forward to using all the other suggestions for future shoe purchases <3



    Higher-end children’s shoes tend to look more like small versions of the adult styles, especially if the adult style is popular. Try somewhere like Nordstrom or search for “kids (style of boot you like)”; the adult shoes are over your budget but the kids’ version may not be.



    nordstrom rack! doc martens (kids sizing), athletic brands like nike or adidas, also buy off resellers like ebay or depop.



    I also have size 5 feet. Kids’ sections are so difficult – even if you find non-glittery/rhinestone/cartoon character shoes, they’re usually so cheaply made that they don’t last long.

    For cheap but okay, I usually try at Payless or Kohls. For higher quality, I luck out with Converse and secondhand shops for designer-quality brands.



    Rockport! They make size 5 and their shoes are super comfy!



    Nine West has always done right by me. I’m a size 5 and I’ve never had any issues finding my size there. I always go there for a standard and fairly durable boot. They’re pretty good about sales so I don’t think it should be too hard finding something under $100 at Nine West.

    DSW and Nordstrom Rack might be worth a shot too. They can be pretty hit or miss though. I’ve only had success shopping in store at the clearance section.



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    Zappos is great for finding shoes in unusual combinations or sizes outside the standard range. I peeked there and set the filter to size 5, and got 17,000 results.

    I recommend getting the membership as it’s free, and it’s really easy to get free and super fast shipping with it.



    I’m a 4 1/2 and I got my favorite ankle boots for around $40 from Shoe Carnival



    I LOVE their shoes!!!



    Affordable and size 5 haven’t often worked in the same sentence for me, unfortunately. I went to famous footwear and found a few styles in the brand “lifestride” when I was looking for dress shoes. They aren’t brilliant quality (they’re synthetic) but when I needed some work shoes on a budget, they were great.

    Always try checking online, a lot of places will only go down to a 6 in store but then online they will have the 5. Why they don’t also have the 5 in store is beyond me, I can’t be the only person in the area with tiny feet!



    Asos, Zara, and Mango tend to carry size 5. Zara quickly runs out of stock for size 5 and Asos is kind of hit or miss. I’ve purchased twice from the Asos brand and I’ve had to return them because they were more like a size 6.



    Steve Madden has genuine leather shoes and goes down to a size 5, and usually price around $70 to $100. You’re probably better off looking online since some retailers do go down to size 5, but don’t have them in store since it’s not the most common size, and they usually sell out quickly when they do have them. That being said, most Nordstrom Rack stores that I’ve been to do go down to a size 4 and usually have a large selection in store, so it’s worth a shot checking that out if you have one nearby! Also, if you have a consignment shop nearby that sells more high end brands, I notice I find a lot more smaller shoe sizes at those types of places.



    Check out the blogger Extra Petite. She also has size 5 feet so she recommends shoes a lot. I’ve noticed her talking about Talbots and Anne Taylor shoes



    In terms of ankle boots, the Sam Edelman Petty comes in size 5. Unfortunately most brick and mortar stores don’t carry anything smaller than a size 6, or have very limited inventory. I’m also a size 5 and I have to order most of my shoes online, almost exclusively from stores that allow in-store returns.

    Other brands that carry size 5 shoes: Toms, Clarks, Ugg (which actually tends to run small, so their 6 fits like a 5 to me), Dr. Marten, Adidas, Converse, Ecco, Frye… To name a few.

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