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    Simple Date Night Outfits (Tim Dessaint)



    Easiest way to fix echo – use a hairy mic sock



    Cardigans are so uncomfortable. I hate things slipping off my shoulders. I have to zip up all my hoodies so they don’t fall open and slip



    u/timdessaint What are those sick LoFi beats you’re using?



    ID on those Chelsea boots?



    Looking for some cheaper (<$30-40) long sleeve polos, any recommendations? My go-to store is usually H&M, are they any good?



    I have literally never worn a blazer (or, god forbid, a full suit) on a date unless it was to a black tie function. I’ve been on hundreds of dates — was an online dating fiend in undergrad — and I’d usually just wear joggers and a graphic sweater or tee. Sometimes an informal/textured oxford if I’m coming out of work.

    The cardigan in your first ‘fit would rank around medium formality for me, like if it’s chilly and I’m going to a restaurant and meeting a lady who’s like, a lawyer or a professor.



    You do pretty well with Uniqlo/HM stuff here, but I would like to see you invest in some actual quality brands, u/timdessaint.



    You should really consider investing on a mic to pair with the video quality. Appreciate the video!



    This guide should include how to get a date too, I’m going to need to know how to do that first.



    Ever since your plain white t-shirt video, I cant stop watching. Good work!



    Envious of the fit on that denim jacket.



    need id on sneakers



    That burgundy jacket was dope. Anyone know what it is?



    Tim’s insta was the first one I looked at A LOT when I was initially getting introduced. His stuff is great. Really enjoy your stuff Tim!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)

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