Small-calved women of reddit, where the hell do you find boots that fit?!

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    I have small calves. I do not have boots made for small calves. Do they even exist? Are boots that don’t flop around on the back of your leg and don’t look like your dad’s rain boots a myth? Where do they come from?! And how does every woman on Pinterest have them?!



    “You have expensive calves”. — guy helping me find boots at a shoe store.

    La Canadienne are the best boots I’ve found in Canada (but $$$). I’ve also found Tony Bianco in Australia acceptable for boots I plan to wear over skinny jeans.



    It is a very easy fix! Take them to a shoe repair place. I have gotten my boot shafts taken in many times. It’s not too expensive. Either.



    Unbelievable. The FFA thread I never knew I needed until someone created it.

    I’m 6’3″, my legs are sticks, but my feet are size 13. Women’s boots in my size are an *extremely* rare thing. When I do find them, the back sticks out so far from my calves (like 4 inches!!!) that they just look stupid on me. As a result, I wear only booties that are ankle length, but I’d love to find some knee-length boots in my size that are fashionable. I will be closely following this thread.



    All of Stuart Weitzman’s boots have a narrow option, and I think some Cole Haan boots do too.



    Small calves and narrow feet. Stuart Weitzman and Aquatalia work for me. Years ago I had a pair of Via Spiga knee high boots that fitted like a glove and currently have ankle boots that work pretty well. If you live in a big city or can travel to one, I would look for a leather school and see if they do custom boots (prices run equal to or cheaper than a lot of brands). I’ve also had luck with Chloe and Valentino, but would buy only on sale.



    In the UK, Duo Boots do them in different calf widths. However, as I instantly realised from trying on a pair in the shop, they don’t do different ankle widths. Calves fit fine, ankles were baggy with no support. do different calf and ankle widths, made in Portugal. I have a pair from them.

    Couple of caveats: they don’t do half sizes. The soles are glued / cemented on, meaning they can’t be resoled unless you spend an exorbitant (read: about as much as the boots are worth) amount of money at a very specialist shoe shop. If I’d known that I might not have bought them.

    That said, the leather is very nice and they are leather lined too.



    I am here for this thread after losing 25 pounds last year and suddenly finding that my beloved boots are too large on me.



    Hell if I know. I have the double whammy. Wide feet and extremely narrow calves (and ankles). I’ve never been able to find a pair of tall boots that fits 🙁 I’ll eventually cave and get them custom made.



    Stuart Weitzman makes the best boots for narrow calves



    ExtraPetite has done a few articles on this over the years.



    You can buy equestrian boots that come in calf sizes 🙂



    I totally understand what you mean by boots that flop around the back of your leg! Stuart Weitzman definitely is what you should look into, their boots are ideal for small calves.



    I have small calves also and can’t find any boots that fit that are made by non-luxury brands. The ones that fit me are made by Charles David. I shop for boots at high end outlet stores like Bloomingdales outlet, Off Sax Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus Last Call, etc.



    [Poppy Barley]( does calf-fitted boots and you can also pick the height and shoe width! I’m currently waiting on a pair from them.

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