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    Overweight guy here – about 320lbs, 6’2″ with big shoulders and a long torso with a big gut that hangs over my pants and makes it hard to tuck in shirts. Yes I am trying to lose weight – it’s just a slow and difficult process. How do I find fitted clothing? Clothes stores don’t really carry my size consistently (2xl shirts *usually* fit, 44-46 waist) and the “big and tall” stores charge an arm and a leg. I’m sick of wearing oversized shirts that look baggy and don’t flatter me AT ALL, but it seems that’s all I can ever feel comfortable in. Accessories look great on me (I LOVE scarves) but unfortunately I moved to Florida where it’s a hot sweaty mess pretty much all the time.

    I am starting a new job in a week that requires business casual clothing, and I am freaking out a little bit. I have my formal wear that I look great in (interview clothes), but that is too formal for everyday wear and it cost me like 80 bucks per shirt and $200 for pants a couple years ago from a B&T store. My previous go-to for work was a t-shirt and a huge 3xl or 2xlt work shirt – [like these]( They don’t flatter me and I don’t think they’re professional enough for my new job.

    I fit in and look great in 2xl Nike golf polos, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to clean them so that they don’t start stinking the moment a drop of sweat hits them after the first wash. (I tried three different detergents and a bunch of home remedies including vinegar – nothing clears the bacteria out of there and the moment sweat hits the armpits they REEK of BO)

    I really want to wear short-sleeved polos but I can’t find cotton ones that fit. Anyone have a lead on a brand that fits well on bigger guys (AFTER it shrinks in the first wash) but isn’t too expensive? Ideally on amazon that I can order right away in my size to try? I found some at target which shrunk like two sizes in the wash, so that was a bust.

    I think I look great in button-ups but short-sleeved ones either feel comfortable but look baggy, or look good but don’t fit over my shoulders. And long-sleeved ones get too hot and the sleeves never stay rolled up (when I can get them to actually roll up over my large forearms) and they usually end up pinching my elbow if I wear them all day anyway.

    I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure this out. HELP!

    Sorry for the long post.
    tl;dr: big guy needs fitting cotton polos or non-tucking button ups that look great without being baggy and don’t break the bank.



    Fit isnt easy in your case, but i would certainly do be aware of it when comparing two products you are looking to buy. Tailoring is great and a possible must when you get into the larger sizes. They will begin to be very baloony at your clothing size because they dont know where you may store your excess weight, so they build it to cover the spectrum.

    I would stock up on the polos, sweaters, and dress shirts with chinos or dress pants. Dont let the pants pool up like crazy around your ankles / shoes. Get them hemmed if you need to. I would consider slimming any legs to make sure they dont look like hammer pants for instance. While you may be a larger man, you can still dress intentionally and look great. Congrats on the new job and best of luck!!



    Consider purchasing only the bare minimum of clothing so that when you get in better shape, you’re not stuck with too many oversized pieces.



    >Yes I am trying to lose weight – it’s just a slow and difficult process

    Good to see you addressing the problem. Let me know if you need any advice or help on this front – feel free to PM me. Losing weight and getting in shape will do more for your look than any outfit ever will.

    >stinking the moment a drop of sweat hits them after the first wash

    Do you wear undershirts? You should be able to wear a deep V neck undershirt that won’t show through the polo and will keep the sweat off of your shirts.

    I’m going to 2nd the columbia PFG polos – they are build for bigger guys and are incredibly comfortable. Big guys generally look great in them. I have to wear two sizes down on them because they are cut so big.



    I’m a big fan of the Columbia PFG polo shirts. They make them in damn near every color and I find them extremely breathable and comfortable. My local Belk/Macy’s carries them.




    My usual go to is [this from Target](

    It’s normally $20, but you can usually get it for 15 on sale. I haven’t had a problem with shrinking nor losing it’s shape.
    It clings just enough and is VERY comfortable. I have 4 of them and use wear them every week.

    I’m also in Florida and it’s perfect for when it’s stupid hot and humid. And I haven’t experienced any lingering order from sweat

    Side note: Florida heat sucks, make sure your deodorant is par for the course. I use gillette clinical gel

    Note that if you go in person to Target there is a very similar shirt that is more nylon(?), I personally I don’t like that and the ones I linked are a nicer blend imo, that doesn’t make it feel like wearing UA style clothes.



    Check lands end for some stuff I recently stated buying some from them and it’s been really nice because they have like every size and fit you’d like.



    Foundry at JCP is a reasonably price B&T brand



    I’ve gone through a lot of biz casual clothes going from 275 to 200 this last year myself, i can say that the most helpful thing has been Bonobos simply for the wide variety of fits and sizes. They now carry extended sizes as well, I’d stick to the classic fit, or size up then go with athletic fit to accommodate your shoulders. Get to a guide shop to just try stuff on if they have one in your city.

    Also Brooks Brothers is roomier fits for regent, their outlet is cheaper but still good quality. I had a lot of trouble getting over the wanting to wear bigger clothes to hide my weight, it doesn’t work, nothing is hidden, so just accept that clothes that fit closer and more comfortably and aren’t baggy are going to look better than all the extra fabric.

    I used to wear 2XL Nike sport polos too, because they were comfortable and i thought they hid my weight well, but the reality is they just don’t look that good or as nice as a long sleeve collared shirt and an undershirt, and there are companies that cater to bigger guys. Charles Tyrwhit Shirts go to size 20 neck with classic fits that have plenty of room.

    Good luck

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