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    Quick pic:

    Just received my MTO boots from Story Et Fall after about a month from ordering. In case you are not familiar with the brand, they create handmade SLP Wyatt lookalikes in Vietnam, everything is made to order.

    Price for the boots was around 260€ + shipping. Keep in mind that you might have to pay customs for these, since they ship from Vietnam. On the top of the packaging they had marked item value as below 50€, so I didn’t even have to clear these through customs.

    Overall impression, 9,5/10 out of the box. The shaft is VERY SLIM, but thankfully it fits me beautifully (TTO or go up by half a size).
    Customer service solid 10/10 from the founder Lian.
    Website 2/10. Horrendous, but I think it’s by choice.
    Packaging of the product 10/10. So many layers of paper and beautiful protective bags for the shoes.

    I can provide information regarding the purchase process and the quality of the boots. Haven't worn them yet outside, but planning on doing so first thing this weekend. Can also snap more pictures about the details.

    Sick attention to detail. For example, I was contacted by the founder Lian regarding the 560 Nut Calf pair, saying that they have a small defect in the buttons (looks like rust, but seriously it just makes them that much more desirable), and they gave me 30% off my product or the chance to cancel the order for full refund.



    Seriously, why they do not have pictures on all shoes? How I am to buy any of them if I never saw a picture?

    From what I’ve seen on reddit they Look dope, but this keeps me from buying them.



    I heard the RTW line is way more slim and closer to the SLP wyatts? Can anyone confirm?

    The best place for SeF info/questions is that KTT thread but i signed up in Feb 2016 and still havent got my approval…



    I also have two pairs of SeF, one harness and one chelsea. Both are beautiful, comfortable, and well-worth the price. I’m fairly sure they design the website poorly intentionally because they prefer a smaller market.



    Got the same nut suede boot, first impressions are good. I ordered TTS but they are like a half size bigger, wonder if insoles will help?



    I still have my Walnut Chelsea from 2016 holding up shape and aging nicely. SeF is easily well worth the wait and price point IMO




Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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