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    So ive lost 60 lbs, went from about 250 down to 190ish. Problem is, i still got a big ol’ ass. No idea why, i work legs/glutes/hammies as much as i do anything else in the gym. I even tried doing LESS to see if they may atrophy a little. Nothing.

    Now when i wear a suit, instead of just looking like one of the Klumps, the back line looks like a slide at a water park, ive got this “flip” where the suit tails fall on my ass. From the side i almost look like a centaur. Nice flat stomach, and decent chest and shoulders up front, but the back half of me when viewed from the side still screams fat man.

    On some of my suits the rest of the suit may fit well, but the vent at the back is always “open,” if that makes sense (sorry for my lack of terminology here). I got me a baaad case of the bubble butt.

    Any other large derriered fellows out there who can give me some pointers? For what its worth ive figured how to look okay in just a dress shirt and slacks, its when you throw a suit or tux on me where i start to look goofy.

    I think some of my problem is a little bit of pelvic tilt/posture issues, but ive always had a huge ass and strong legs. Even in the best shape of my life I was a catcher in baseball and a fullback in football so having a big old butt has always been kind of the deal.



    First- awesome job getting healthier.

    Second, speaking as a guy with some unusual dimensions (I’m a weightlifter with a short torso in relation to long legs, and those are very muscular due to squats), your best solution here is to not go off the rack for suit jackets.

    I don’t know how much you can afford to spend on your suits, but there are several made to measure options out there for around $500-$600.

    And if you’re not wearing a suit everyday and don’t gain that weight back, you’ll have that suit for years.



    Have you tried an English cut where there are two side vents instead of one middle vent?



    It’s an unpopular opinion on this sub but pleats would help solve this, provided the pants have a higher rise. It’ll be hard to find them off the rack though.



    First off, congrats on the weight loss.

    For the suit coats you need a longer jacket (especially in the rear). I work for a luxury men’s retailer and fitting guys in sport coats is a key part of our business.

    The idea is that you’ll have more material to hang over your large seat and therefore have the vented portion of the jacket hanging more properly.

    Sometimes it is only in the rear that the coat needs to be lengthened, which can be complicated for the layman.

    The general idea would be to get a jacket/suit made for you. For my store we can indicate a “prominent seat” for the tailor and measure the extra length needed to make your jacket fit properly.

    Difficult to do OTR but worth asking your local haberdasher (not men’s wearhouse, go somewhere nicer! They’ll do a better job).



    BTW not working out is gonna replace the muscles with fat; you need cardio or a calorie deficit to reduce them. And you probably shouldn’t do legs if you want to reduce them..Focus on burning the fat then building the body since you can’t do both.

    If 3 or 4 years go by and you still have a big donk while having a low BF + decent build, it’s is probably genetics…



    Have you tried asking fitness subreddits?



    I have the same problem as you with how suits hang, and don’t know how to solve it.

    Re: fitness, you can’t loose fat from specific body parts. Your body/hormones/etc decide where they want to store fat. So you’d have to loose weight overall through your diet to change the shape of your butt. Working out the muscles in the area can build more muscle under the fat, which might be the opposite of what you’re going for looks-wise.



    Head on over to r/massivethighs and take a peek around

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