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    Hi, I have a tailor in my area that makes “custom” suits. When I visited him today he told me that these are not typical of MTM in that he doesn’t use a template but makes the suit for your measurements. He does not call it bespoke because he does not do all of the work, it is done by a few family members in a neighboring town. He charges 1000-1300 for each suit depending on fabric and it takes around 6 weeks. All of his suits are full canvas construction.

    I have a “mysuit” store near me and have had two suits and a jacket made for me there. If you are not familiar they are a MTM store much like Black lapel or any of the others only you have to go to the store to be fitted and select fabrics, their website is terrible. MySuit’s prices start at 495, I am a size 52r with 46 waist so I get upcharged a bit for “Big and Tall” so a 495 suit really comes to 565. These are all half canvas and made in Mexico I think.

    So the question, is it worth it for me to get a single suit made by the tailor that will equal the cost of 2 suits from the MTM place?

    I will be wearing these for work. I wear a suit 4 days of the week and have 5 suits currently. I’d like to add 3 to give me 2 weeks of rotation.

    Edit: A little more info. I work as an educational administrator and visit schools a lot. I am not a banker or lawyer if that makes a difference.



    Generally, you’d want to go for quality over quantity, but if the less expensive suit is still nice quality material and construction, I would say go with that as you will have a bigger wardrobe. As long it fits like it should, I think it’s a good deal. Save the truly custom suit when you afford to buy it because you want it, not because you need it.



    Honestly it depends on what you’re wanting to focus on. Some people only care about fit and could care less about fabric quality, level of hand work, and internal construction. A lot of the cheaper online MTM companies are more of a gamble than buying a suit OTR and bringing it to a reputable tailor.

    IMO, online custom suiting typically yields a less-than-ideal result due to a less-than-ideal up front experience. A huge reason that custom suiting can be an amazing thing is the tailor you partner with that helps advise you with cloth selection, fit, and style choices that solidify the suit as a piece of clothing you’d want to wear for quite some time. When buying online, you’re measuring yourself (which is normally not the most accurate), you’re choosing a fabric without feeling it or seeing the color in person, and also not being able to try on a sample or understand the quality of a finished garment.

    The price for the local MTM tailor is reasonable, but its hard for me to believe that the suits are made down the street (this all depends on what country you live in of course! In a place like Naples, this would be common). Custom suits being made in a factory are what keep the prices around $1000-$1500 (if the fabric is mid-range). Custom suits that are made in small workshops tend to cost much more since much more of the work is done by hand and not on an assembly line (it’s typical to see prices for a 2-piece handmade suit to begin around $3000).

    Hope this helps!



    From your post I don’t see a single reason why you are even considering this.

    Are you happy with the fit an materials from your current suits?

    Are you single with money to burn?

    I think the answer to those questions would help us answer yours.

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